Cytosponge, Esophageal Cell Collection Device: Now Available for Clinical Use

Feb 25, 2021 | sarahkrn | @sarahkrn | Comments (2)

After studying the use of the Cytosponge to sample cells in the esophagus for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), Mayo Clinic is now offering this test in the office setting.  This is helpful for patients who would like to go on the food elimination diet to identify their food allergen(s) or to check for remission on budesonide or PPI medication, but do not want to undergo repeated upper endoscopies (scope procedure to sample the esophageal lining).  Dietary therapy usually requires more than 5 upper endoscopies to evaluate the response to various foods.  This shortens the return time to an office visit.

CytospongePatients return to the clinic to see their physician and a nurse administers the gel-cap Esophageal Cell Collection Device.  The physician or nurse pulls the dissolved gel-cap sponge up through the esophagus after 5 minutes, and it is sent to the lab for analysis.  The care team will contact the patient with their eosinophil count and provide direction for reintroducing foods back into the diet or adjusting medication dose or frequency.

Patient responses to receiving the Esophageal Cell Collection Device in office have been positive.  Patients no longer need several endoscopies to complete the elimination diet or to keep their EoE in remission with medication.  This test does not require sedation or a driver and allows for a more convenient management of eosinophilic esophagitis.

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I live in Texas - is this procedure available anywhere near Dallas?


I participated in several Cytosponge research studies at the Mayo. The test is pretty easy to do, a bit strange at first but overall it’s very easy to do.

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