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Patients that Inspire Our Efforts


Humble Beginnings
Advancing patient care and medicine is what drives us. The Mayo Clinic Ehlers-Danlos Clinic launched its Florida location in 2019 and it all began with a conversation between Sunnie Confiado, R.N., Nursing Manager in Clinical Genomics and Andrea Seymour-Sonnier, Operations Administrator for the Division of General Internal Medicine.  They envisioned a different approach.  Patients with Ehlers-Danlos often start their healthcare journey with a referral to a geneticist.  The new clinic would be led by an Internal Medicine physician and integrate the genetic testing, a comprehensive multispecialty evaluation and research for patients with suspected hypermobility syndrome using our Mayo Model of Care for guidance. Dr. Dacre Knight graciously agreed to lead the initiative.  Drs. DeLisa Fairweather and Katelyn Bruno kindly offered to lead the research efforts. In the first year, 475 patients were seen. Patients with suspected joint hypermobility or a possible connective tissue disorder were encouraged to schedule a visit with the new clinic.

Meet the Care Team

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