The EDS Literature: Book Review

Mar 29 1:14pm | MeekaC | @meekaclayton

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The published literature on hypermobility disorders continues to grow. We previously shared insight on some of the recent  books related to EDS/HSD. Two more to share are included here.

The author, Libby Hinsley, is a long-time yoga teacher and physical therapist. As a person living with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she is passionate about raising awareness about hypermobility in the yoga community and beyond. She has experienced chronic pain, joint instability, and yoga-related injuries. In this book, she offers guidance on how to develop a sustainable yoga practice tailored to the unique needs of people with hypermobility.

  • Too Flexible to Feel   Good 

In this book, fitness experts Adell Bridges and Celest Pereira discuss how to manage hypermobility. They reinforce the importance of stability, correct posture, and a healthy lifestyle. This book uses cartoons, stories/analogies to help readers understand the nervous system and pain, and how this applies to people with hypermobility. There are side-by-side photos to guide movement/positions that are safe and healthy. And there are chapters that discuss interventions to improve anxiety, gut function, and sleep.

If you have feedback on these or other books, please share in the comments!


Author: Melissa Caywood, PT, DPT


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Thank you for the recommendations. I’m excited to check these out.

This is a fiction book, but as far as representation goes, the main character has EDS (the author has confirmed it), and right now I’m loving it, along with the depiction of the challenges she faces in the book: “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros. It’s fantasy/adventure and romance, but head’s up that it has adult content.

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