Welcome to the Charter House page! Charter House is the world’s only Mayo Clinic Retirement Living and is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

In these pages we provide you with helpful resources that enable you to age in a healthy and purposeful way. You’ll find insight from Mayo Clinic experts, wellness tips, and personal stories about aging well. Follow us as we discuss steps you can take to improve your overall well-being.

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There are many factors that affect healthy aging; not just physical fitness and nutrition, but your level of connection to others, how you express creativity, and how you challenge your brain.  Follow the Charter House news feed to read insight from Mayo Clinic experts and learn tips you can implement into your own lives! Visit the Dan Abraham Healthy Living website to learn about our Health Aging Exploration Series taught by Mayo Clinic professionals. Below are the 12 Strategies for Healthy Aging that we implement into the lives of our Charter House residents.

  • Move More
  • Stress Less
  • Eat Smart
  • Leverage the Evidence
  • Sleep Well
  • Challenge Your Brain
  • Enhance Functional Fitness
  • Be Creative
  • Stay Connected
  • Seek Resources
  • Practice Prevention
  • Refine Your Purpose





The Healthy Aging Program at Charter House

Our approach to programming and activities focuses on providing our residents with opportunities and resources to support their pathway to healthy aging.  Charter House takes pride in offering more than 300 unique types of activities and events that create opportunities to explore intellectual, cultural, artistic, and social interests. Our programming provides for over 4,500 opportunities for socialization every year!

Examples of our programming:

  • Lifelong learning courses such as foreign language courses and history classes
  • Presentations from community leaders to engage our residents in current events
  • Technology classes and tutorials
  • Fitness and wellness programs including fitness classes, trail walks, and personal training
  • Charter House choir and hand bell group
  • Fishing trips in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter
  • Patio gardens to plant fresh flowers and vegetables
  • Trips to museums and dinner theaters

Clubs and Committees:

Our residents' input is important to keeping our programming fresh, innovative, and relevant to their interests. So we provide our residents with a variety of committees and clubs in which to participate.

  • Resident Council
  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Arts & Decorating Committee
  • Dining Services Committee
  • Green Thumbs Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Spiritual Care Committee
  • Welcome Committee
  • Photography Club
  • Book Clubs and Card Clubs


Click here to find additional Mayo Clinic resources on Healthy Aging.

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