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Jul 18, 2017 | Aimalicia Staub | @aimaliciastaub

Let's Face it, as we gWomen stretchingrow older, one of the biggest fears we have is losing our independence. Maintaining your capability to perform the common activities of daily living is fundamental to your ability to live independently. Strategically exercising to focus on enhancing your functional fitness will help you stay independent and enjoy life! At Charter House we offer over 20 fitness classes a week, along with three full time American College of Sports Medicine Certified Trainers to help you with all your fitness goals!

Expert Insight

"As you age, it is vital to incorporate things into your life that will minimize your decline. One of the most significant things that will impact your level of independence
is losing your strength and coordination. This is why people fall. Your functional capacity is impacted by your skeletal muscle strength. Once you lose the ability to get up, your world gets smaller which impacts your cognition and your quality of life. So, declare war on your skeletal muscle loss. Focus your functional fitness training on building up your strength and coordination. Use strength training to build up your skeletal muscle so you can perform your daily activities. Engage in programs designed to improve your balance. Then incorporate quality nutrition into your diet to keep your muscle mass in good shape. Protein is critical as it helps build your skeletal muscle. This will help your body’s complex mechanisms continue to operate together to keep you healthy and able to enjoy life." - Michael J. Joyner, M.D., Professor of Anesthesiology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

Take Action Now

  • Experiment With Tools. Try doing exercises using dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, stability balls, TRX suspension straps or strength bands.
  • Stand On One Foot. Balance on one foot when you are standing in line or waiting for an elevator. Shut your eyes for an extra challenge.
  • Vary Your Pace. Take a walk using alternating periods of rapid and slower movements to train your body to respond quicker to trip hazards.
  • Seek Resources. Make an appointment with a fitness professional at Charter House or the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center to identify how you can incorporate functional fitness into your exercise program.
  • Take a Tai Chi Class. To improve your balance and stability get a free copy of the Mayo Clinic Patient Education videos Mindful Movements: Gentle Yoga and Gentle Movements Tai Chi Qigong from the Patient Education Center, Siebens building, subway level.
  •  Eat Protein. Incorporate protein into your diet to help build your muscle mass.

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