Medical School Needs a Dose of the Humanities | New York Times April 11, 2021

Apr 12, 2021 | Sarah Mensink | @samensink | Comments (1)

Must read from the New York Times

Medical School Needs a Dose of the Humanities

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“To make it more than mere art appreciation is a real challenge,” Dr. Dugdale told me. “You butt up against people in medicine who see no value in this, or see it as a little bit of an ornament, because of the two things that determine anything of value in medicine: whether it brings in money and whether it can be quantified. People say the arts make you feel good and reflect, but there are patients to see, there’s revenue to generate. So, do your wellness thing and then come back to reality.” Curating the Artworks in AZ I would love to be part of the voice that changes this thinking. Wonderful article thanks for posting.

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