Learn about ALL in children, radiation for brain tumors, CAR-T and fluorescence-guided surgery

Sep 22 9:31am | Linde Sifuentes, Patient Educator | @sifuenteslinde

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In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, pediatric hematologist and oncologist Dr. Asmaa Ferdjallah shares what families need to know about the most common form of childhood cancer.

Radiation oncologist Dr. Jennifer Peterson discusses modern radiation therapy for brain tumors and explains why it's still a practical option for patients.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy (CAR-T cell therapy) is approved to treat several blood cancers. Hematologist and oncologist Dr. Mohamed Kharfan Dabaja discusses who is eligible for CAR-T cell therapy, the treatment process, and its potential side effects.

September is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Study results show that fluorescence-guided surgery, which uses fluorescence imaging to light up cancerous tissue, helps surgeons remove more ovarian cancer. Gynecologic oncologist Dr. Kristina Butler explains how the process works.

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