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rocks in a circle pattern with a center stoneWellness Pain Management Clinic

Who are we:

Advanced practice nurses specifically trained in helping patients manage pain and other chronic symptoms such as insomnia, fear of movement that leads to psychical de-conditioning, mood issues, increased stress and social isolation. The Wellness Pain Management Clinic offers a variety of groups as well as individual consultations.


Individual Wellness Consult:

This 60 minute individual consultation consists of an evaluation of how pain and symptoms have impacted quality of lief and level of functioning. Pain physiology and evidenced based strategies are discussed. Finally, a plan with a variety of resources is provided. Continued follow up session are available.

What are the group options?

Chronic Pain Management Session

This single group session is typically 2 hours in length. Additional time is allotted for questions or more in depth focus on a particular topic. Participants learn about the difference between acute and chronic pain, strategies to manage pain and pain physiology. The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) model is introduced and demonstrated during this group. Research has found CBT to be the most helpful with chronic pain, insomnia and the management of difficult emotions that accompany the experience of dealing with pain symptoms.

Weekly Chronic Pain Management Group Session

This 2 hour weekly group is currently offered every Monday for 10 weeks. Several pain management strategies are introduced each week. The participant identifies a weekly goal to practice and incorporate the concepts into their lives. Participants have the opportunity to become very proficient with the CBT model.

'WISE' Group

WISE stands for Wellness Inspired Senior Engagement (WISE). This 90 minute group is offered every Wednesday for 12 weeks. As the title of this group implies, it is an uplifting experience. Focus is on identifying and implementing healthy strategies using the CBT model to manage chronic pain and health issues, while reflecting and drawing from life skills and experiences.


Following the completion of the weekly group sessions, participants often sign up for an aftercare group that typically meets on a monthly basis. It is an opportunity to reflect on what is working in their lives and identify challenges that need to be addressed. It is designed to help maintain positive changes while continuing to make improvements in functioning and quality of life.

Group Session


Additional resources:

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