Back in the game after rehabilitation for debilitating pain

Oct 30, 2019 | Kris Luhman | @krisluhman | Comments (2)


Tyler McDonald

At 35, Tyler McDonald felt like his best years were behind him. Affected by mystifying mobility issues and severe pain, he needed a cane and heavy pain medications to move through his days. Withdrawn and depressed, Tyler's outlook was grim — until he met a Mayo Clinic neurologist who opened a door that led Tyler to a happier future.


For Tyler McDonald, the worst part of his debilitating leg pain and mobility issues wasn't needing a cane to walk or requiring heavy doses of pain medication to get through the workday. For Tyler, who loves playing baseball with his sons, the worst part was sitting on the sidelines not being able to actively coach his little league team.

All that's changed now. Thanks to Mayo Clinic specialists who correctly diagnosed Tyler's condition, addressed his symptoms and removed him from opioid pain medications, Tyler is looking forward to getting back on the field with his team.

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Can't open the link. It says "restricted access"

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@jeffrapp and @beccahp, the link has been restored. You can read Tyler's story on Sharing Mayo Clinic

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