The Mayo Connect Digest: How to make to most of it

Jun 20, 2020 | Colleen Young, Connect Director | @colleenyoung | Comments (1)

Members can subscribe to receive a summary of activity either daily or weekly (or never). Here's a breakdown of the elements of your digest.

Groups you follow
At the top is a list of the groups you follow. Beside each group are the number of posts made in the group over the past 24 hour period (or 7 days for the weekly digest). Click a group name to be taken to that group's home page. Groups that have no activity will not appear in the list.

If you follow only one group or few groups and those groups have not had a post in the past 24 hours, you may not receive the digest that day or you may only see Events and Highlights. Keep reading to learn more.

Blogs & Podcasts you follow
Also included in the daily digest are new blog posts written by Mayo Clinic experts and podcasts with specialists. Select topics you'd like to follow in the Blogs & Podcasts Directory.

Events can include online webinars, Video Q&As, monthly online support groups, and in-person events. Events coming up in the next week are listed in this section.

Events Highlights and All updates

Highlights are select discussions and blog posts to help you discover topics of interest that may be in groups or blogs you're not yet following.

All Updates
Clicking See All Updates takes you to your notifications page where you can see all the activity (new discussions, comments, replies, @mentions, likes, etc) of the groups and blogs you follow. Click the bell icon in the upper navigation bar to see all notifications.



On a mobile device, click your profile picture, then Notifications.

Group discussion details
Below the highlights are the details of the activity of the discussions in the groups you follow.
New discussions include the opening snippet of the first post and up to 2 responses. If there are more replies, the number will appear in the bottom left.

  • Click View & Reply beside the message to be taken directly to that message.
  • Click the blue View & Reply button to go to the top of the discussion thread.

Digest new discussion

Ongoing discussions
Discussions that were started more than a day ago (or week ago) will show activity of the past 24 hours; snippets of 2 posts and the total number in the left corner.

discussion digest

What do you find most useful in the daily digest?

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What I really like about the Daily Digest is that it gives me a quick way to scan recent posts for discussions and groups that I follow. This is especially helpful when I see a new discussion in a group I follow.

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