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May 15 8:05am | Teresa, Volunteer Mentor | @hopeful33250 | Comments (10)

Member Spotlight @centre

TERESA: What brought you to Mayo Clinic Connect?

@centre: I use the Mayo Clinic website as my go-to resource for accurate and trustworthy medical information. After searching for a diagnosis name on, a side-bar showed up about Mayo Clinic Connect. I followed the links and found the Neuropathy support group. 

TERESA: What about Mayo Clinic Connect makes you feel comfortable to share openly and motivates you to take part in the patient community?

@centre: I posted a short something about my new diagnosis amid my dawning understanding that my neuropathy was not going away. Almost immediately, I received a very warm welcome from John, the group volunteer mentor and fellow neuropathy patient. He listed more links for further research; I went to all of them. I also received more welcoming posts and shared stories from other members. 

I knew no one with this diagnosis. It meant, and still means, so much to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas with others. 

TERESA: What support groups do you participate in?

@centre: Of course, I’m a member of the Neuropathy support group.

Later, I also joined the support group for Caregivers caring for someone with Dementia since my husband has vascular dementia. I really appreciate the real and authentic posts from others on this awful journey.

TERESA: Tell us about a meaningful moment on Mayo Clinic Connect.

@centre: I was an Occupational Therapist before retirement, working in many settings, like in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, outpatient settings, and home care. As a result, I feel I have concrete information about techniques, products, elder care, caregiving strategies, etc. to share with members of both groups. 

Also, my husband’s dementia causes him to be angry often and challenging. I hope my honest posts about coping with that have helped other caregivers, who don’t have the sweet spouse just drifting away. I, in turn, have really benefited from the wisdom and support of caregivers also on this road.

TERESA: What surprised you the most about Mayo Clinic Connect? 

@centre: What surprised me the most is the role of the Volunteer Mentors. They do a great job of guiding the discussion, providing encouragement, and listing links for further research.

I think the option that members can choose to be anonymous on Mayo Clinic Connect is a big plus. People can speak from the heart, ask difficult questions, and support each other.

TERESA: What energizes you, or how do you find balance in your life?

@centre: What energizes me is really just to get through each day successfully. I find keeping to a daily schedule motivates me to “keep going” and getting things done that need to be done. That gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I work at being realistic and accepting of the limitations neuropathy has placed on what I can safely do. I don’t want to draw too far back. I want to be brave and enjoy new experiences too.

TERESA: Tell us about your favorite pastime or activity. 

 @centre: I look forward to visits with family and to some fun summer plans. 

TERESA: Do you have a favorite quote, life motto or personal mantra?

@centre: My favorite motto is a made-up one: “It is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t, and never the twain shall meet.” 

I repeat this to myself regularly when living with someone who has dementia presents new wackiness or when neuropathy rears its ugly head in another unexpected way or when yet again a so-called normal effect of aging appears. 

Repeating my motto helps me keep perspective and laugh at the same time.

TERESA: What do you love about where you live or vacation?

@centre: I live in a rural county, which is also the home of a major university. I love the excitement and energy of the young people and meeting people from all over the world. 

I also love that in a few minutes, I can drive through beautiful countryside with green pastures, farmhouses, and red barns. At this time of year (spring), I sometimes catch a glimpse of Amish farmers plowing with big draft horses pulling. At home, I enjoy watching the backyard birds. Things are busy!

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Hi @centre, Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better. I love your motto! I've used the first part myself. Hoping you have a great week!


Hello @centre,

I so appreciate the opportunity to interview you and for allowing our Mayo Connect community to get to know you better. Your title for this Spotlight, "Keep Going, Perseverance Counts" certainly reflects your lifestyle as well as your attitude. Your Spotlight has encouraged me, and I feel sure it will encourage others as well.


@centre , what a lovely interview, thank you for sharing. It was inspiring to read that despite your daily challenges, and having to acknowledge your limitations, you chose to "be brave and enjoy new experiences too." That is a beautiful attitude. It makes me happy to learn that Mayo Connect has helped you, as it has helped me, as it has helped so many others. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just stop trying, complain, become bitter, but your motivation to keep going and get things done, which in turn makes you feel like you accomplished something, is heartening.
Where you live sounds so charming. It must bring you comfort to look around at all you have, even the backyard birds!
Teresa did a wonderful job sharing your story with all of us.


@centre you are an inspiration. I love your saying to remind yourself to be resilient. Your situation mirrors mine in very many ways. I can only hope to do it with as much grace as you. 💕
Thank you for being here, and for giving me a light in my day.


@centre Welcome to MCC! I love your description of living in the country AND having university students around. I also live in a college town and I’ve really learned to avoid Target in September!
I’m sure we’ll run into each other on the Caregiving pages!


Thanks for sharing! You are inspirational, as I’m on a similar journey, which is one of losing my sound body to PN, hoping to maintain and improve as my husband, my physical caregiver for several years, is losing his sound mind with age. You sound like you have found a good balance of acceptance and how to persevere. Thanks for the encouragement and info on other Connect forums!


@centre, I so admire your acceptance of reality. You do it with courage and positive attitude sprinkled with humor. That takes a strong special person and is a gift and true inspiration to us all.


@centre, I have just completed a good kind of hectic week and I have decided to settled down for a quiet restful afternoon. I am happy that I opened your Spotlight interview because your visual description of the drive through the country with the green pastures and the signs of spring are just what I needed today to put me into a relaxing mood. Now, I know that I'll be ready to start tomorrow morning refreshed and full of energy. Thankyou!


@centre What a nice Spotlight! I appreciate getting to know you better. You touched on points that anyone who has an incurable condition, like neuropathy, can choose to work on daily – bravery with acceptance of doing things differently. You're leading by example with how you courageously are determined to enjoy new experiences. It takes courage, and grit, to flip the script from negativity to positivity. Keep up the good work, and thanks for inspiring!


I enjoyed getting to know about you. Thanks for sharing.

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