#AskTheMayoMom about Pediatric Brain Tumors

This month's #AskTheMayoMom on Facebook Live is all about pediatric brain tumors and neurological conditions:

  • How symptoms of pediatric brain tumors present?
  • What is chari l malformation and how do you treat it?
  • What do parents need to know about concussions?
  • In what sports do you need to wear proper head gear?children-16-x-9-1024x576

Angela Mattke, M.D., pediatrician in the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, and David Daniels, M.D., .Ph. D., pediatric neurosurgeon, will answer these questions and others you ask during this live, interactive broadcast.

Join us on Thursday, April 14th, 11 a.m. ET (10 a.m. CT /8 a.m. PT), and chime in with your questions and comments!

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