Webinar: What Patients Need to Know About Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma and Liver Transplant

Tue, Aug 11, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


Julie Heimbach, MD, Liver Transplant Program Surgical Director, and Sumera Rizvi, MBBS, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Fellow, discuss hilar cholangiocarcinoma symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, including liver transplantation. Questions were answered following during the presentation.

This webinar on hilar cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile ducts) was recorded, Aug. 11 2015.

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Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow! Post your questions here.

I hope you won’t mind me asking but with a benign narrowed hepatic duct, high up in the liver would you operate even though it is difficult or do a transplant if the person has been in severe pain for 19 years? I know a narrowed hepatic duct may not cause a change in blood tests. Can people have cholangitis without it effecting their blood tests?

We’re now live. Press the play button to watch Dr. Heimbach and Dr. Rizvi discuss hilar cholangiocarcinoma. And post your questions here!

Is liver transplant an option for other types of cholangiocarcinoma?

My tumor is resectable. Would it not be better to just go for a liver transplant now?

Is there an age limit for a liver transplant?

Is there an age limit for a living liver donor?

Why does hilar cholangiocarcinoma mostly affect older people?

Why do you recommend chemotherapy and radiation therapy before liver transplant?

Is there anything I can do to slow down the progression of my tumor?

What is your opinion on the role of dietary nitrate intake as a risk factor for cholangiocarcinoma?

How important is waiting times for a cadaveric transplant?

I was diagnosed with IDPMN about 20 no the ago via ESU . They also said I have 6 precancerous pancreatic cysts thru out the pancreas. How worried should I be?

Does a river fluke infection increase the risk for CCA? If Yes, can this person avail of liver transplant under ideal conditions?

Domino liver transplant – why is it not considered more frequently?

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