Webinar: Adult Epilepsy: Common Clinical Issues and New Therapies

Mon, Nov 2, 2015
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET


A webinar featuring Mayo Clinic neurologists Jeffrey Britton, M.D., Gregory Cascino, M.D., Jerry Shih, M.D., and Joseph Sirven, M.D.. The physicians discuss a variety of adult epilepsy topics including:

  • Seizure medications: when to start and when can they be stopped.
  • Maximizing safety for patients with epilepsy.
  • Indications for admission to epilepsy monitoring unit.
  • New surgical therapies such as laser thermoablation.

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We’re setting up for the webinar now. We’ll go live at noon CT. Post your questions here!

How do you know if a seizure is not really a seizure?

two years ago I had brain surgery to remove scar tissue on my right temporal lobe that were causing my seizures. I have been seizure free for over two years now and I am off most of my medication. What are the odds of the scar tissue coming back.

Good afternoon! My name is Missy. I am 47 years old and have had epilepsy since birth and I am excited to learn about advancements today for the treatment of epilepsy.

Drs in Florida are increasingly diagnosing Epilepsy pts with “pseudo- seizures” which they say is not related to Epilepsy. They appear to be using this diagnosis when not able to produce a seizure under Veeg or regular 3 minute in office eeg. Can you talk about Psuedo-seizures and why the focus on them as the default diagnosis until proven otherwise?

also, can you comment on what a pseudo-seizure actually is and symptoms? Is this a default dx used on patients who have co-occurring seizure and bi-polar disorder?

hw soon is the program starting any one guide me

starts in 3 min


hw soon is the program starting any one guide me

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2 minutes!

My daughter has seizures daily. She is on a lot of medicine and has tried just about all medicines. She has a VNS. Now the docs say they are not all seizures there are some movements that might be dystonia movements. I don’t understand. Looking for some guidance.

Can we get some info on catamenial epilepsy? Or seizures that seem to be leaning towards drug-resistant?

What is your opinion on Charlottes Web oil?

can you talk about the effects of seizures on the brain. i.e. do they damage the brain. Do seizures increase the occurrence of seizures. Do uncontrolled seizures increase the risk of SUDEP?

Have you used Charlottes Web oil? I hear a lot of good about it for some. Others (like my daughter) would probably need the whole indica plant oil. Living in a state that does not allow it is very hard.

conversations with doctors go no where anymore.

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