Video Q&A about Concussion & CTE

Tue, Jan 16, 2018
11:30am to 12:00pm CT


Dr. Jennifer Maynard, a family and sports medicine physician, and Dr. Kevin Bieniek, a neuropathologist, discuss concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

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Posted by @trish887, Tue, Jan 16 9:39am

Is it unusual for headaches and dizziness to reappear after seemingly being recovered, 3 to 4 months after the concussion?


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Posted by @trish887, Tue, Jan 16 10:49am

Does anxiety make symptoms of a concussion return? What is the relationship of anxiety and concussions?


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Posted by @newlyformedmindset, Tue, Jan 16 11:26am

How close are we to finally having a reliable test in the living?

Posted by @audreylaine, Tue, Jan 16 12:59pm

Hi @newlyformedmindset, thanks for watching! Here is Dr. Bieniek’s answer: With the interest and financial support CTE research has and continues to receive, I would hope to see a preliminary diagnostic solution within the next 5 years. However, to fully understand the rigor, sensitivity, and specificity of neuroimaging or biofluid diagnostic approaches, I believe research validating these techniques against autopsy (the gold standard) will take at least 10 years.

Posted by @colleenyoung, Tue, Jan 16 11:36am

@techi @pagray24 you may wish to join the video Q&A with Mayo Clinic experts on concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) happening now. Click VIEW & REPLY in the email notification to see the video.

Posted by @colleenyoung, Tue, Jan 16 11:36am

@newlyformedmindset and @trish887 thank you for your questions. They have been submitted.


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Posted by @lorna2, Tue, Jan 16 11:47am

Will you be looking at other areas than can cause CTE rather than just sports? Such as Domestic Violence, Veterans etc.

Posted by @audreylaine, Tue, Jan 16 12:50pm

Hi @lorna2. I sent your question to Dr. Bieniek and his response is: When we evaluate cases for CTE, we do measure and analyze other sources of head trauma. We record incidental and acute traumatic brain injury information (example: head trauma from a fall, motor vehicle accident, assault, etc.) as well as pertinent military-related information [example: branch, conflict, combat/non-combat, accolades (Purple Heart, Bronze Star, etc.)]. This information will help us better understand CTE in veterans and whether CTE is observed in cases with acute/incidental head trauma without other exposures (like sport and military-related).

Posted by @colleenyoung, Tue, Jan 16 11:55am

Thank you for watching today’s Q&A. The video will be archived on this page for future viewing.

See upcoming and past Q&As here:


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Posted by @techi, Tue, Jan 16 3:42pm

I had encephalitis and short term memory. I was placed on antidepressants I was having gait problems and still today. Then I was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis and then hepatic encephalopathy. Is this normal from a brain injury and concussions. And if you have tremors and pass out can it be a seizures or concussion. And if all your test are normal does that rule out concussion. But now my memory has comeback can that happen after years of brain injuries. And is there medicines beside antidepressants for brain injuries and if you still have headaches is that a concern for continued brain injuries.

Posted by @audreylaine, Wed, Jan 17 12:44pm

Hey @techi, I sent your comment to Dr. Maynard and she said it was out of her realm of expertise as a Family and Sports Medicine physician. She recommends asking your neurologist.

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