Webinar: Adult Brain Tumors: From Diagnosis to Recovery

Thu, Aug 13, 2015
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET


In this  webinar, Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Ian Parney, M.D., PhD, and neurologist Alyx Porter, M.D., discuss the diagnosis, management, treatment and recovery associated with adult brain tumors. Topics include: management and treatment options, such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and clinical trials, as well as recovery and quality of life.  A question and answer session followed the presentation.

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What would be the best treatment approach for a tumor that is unmethylated with no mutation in IDH1/2 genes? How would Mayo personalize the treatment for such a tumor?

in the biomarker report I was positive for methylation. however it was listed that I was 37% methylated does the percentage have any bearing on prognosis

I read somewhere that being positive for egfr is a good prognostic indicator for gbm in the elderly is that correct?

Thank you.

I had just asked a question re.: my husband having a possible ependymoma in the ventricle. Thankyou for your answer. Since it has been there 26 years and has only grown a little, why do anything with it especially since he is 68 yrs. old now. He has had a lot of falls over the years from seizures and poor balance. He has aphasia and some confusion and some dementia. He also has hemosiderin in the brain and encephalomacia. He seems a little worse since his brain biopsy in Jan. 2015. Why put him through anything now?

thank you!!

Thank you

Thank You…

Thank-you..very good!

thanks, it was great.

Thanks-where can we see this over again?

I am idh1 and 2 wild type egfr positive methylated and pten ( one mutation exon 8) top 01 and top2a positive I am in the process of finishing the stupp protocol ( 4th week) and I am considering using the optune hat is this a good choice i am 75 years old ( 90 % resected left frontal parietal gbm) or is there another clinical trial which would be more effective?

is having one mutation in pten ( exon 8) a bad indicator for gbm I read having one mutation is a precancer sign?

what are your thoughts on tocagen for gbm?

How do we test and apply for the 1 CEU ??

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