Webinar: Chalk Talk Update on Valvular Heart Disease

Tue, May 12, 2015
5:15pm to 6:15pm ET


A Webinar on the Staging Classification of Valve Disease with Rick A. Nishimura, M.D. Moderated by Steve R. Ommen, M.D. ValveDiseaseWebinarSketches-1 ValveDiseaseWebinarSketches-1 ValveDiseaseWebinarSketches-1 ValveDiseaseWebinarSketches-1 ValveDiseaseWebinarSketches-1



Looking forward to the webinar, starting at 5:15 pm Central Time

Should be a great session. Once we have started, to post a question click “Post Comment” and then type your question.

you may need to refresh your browser to view the video.

The video has now started, if you don’t see it please refresh your browser page.

how common is to have severe Aortic/Mitral Stenosis and be asymptomatic?

A patient is recently diagnosed with severe AS and he is asymptomatic and able to carry out his daily workout. What are your recommendations regarding exercise in such a patient?

is it practical to do ‘ero measurement in a busy private practice routinely?

Should we follow indexed value or non indexed value, LVED or LVESD, especially when we have latest quantification guidelines ? for valve surgery parameters

can you distinguish between ‘severe’ and ‘moderate severe’ for mr please? as far as treatment.

Risk of intervention (repair or replacement) in low EF patients.

S Kapoor

is this recorded or archived for future viewing please?


is this recorded or archived for future viewing please?

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Hi, Mike. Yes! It is being recorded for future viewing.

please comment on Fonseca article in JACC showing most clinicians do not follow guidelines? Also, has anyone looked to see if guidelines are followed, does it lead to improved outcomes? It seems the ‘guidelines’ are a little unscientific in their application and use.

Symptomatic patient, ‘moderate’ gradient, but small stroke volume, moderate diastolic dysfunction, is dobutamine stress echo helpful ?

Patients with Severe MR (Stage C and D) and Normal Systolic BP: will you recommend MV repair/replacement or adding after-load reducing agents such as ACE-Inhibitors/Hydralazine prior to intervention. guidelines say DO NOT add afterload reducing agents unless patient is hypertensive

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