Skin health

Did you know that more than 30 million Americans—including 2.3 million teens—use tanning beds each year? Skin cancer continues to become more common, especially among young women, and Mayo Clinic oncologists and dermatologists say multiple studies show that indoor tanning [...]
By Alyse Brunella • January 11, 2017
Everyone knows that the summertime is a crucial time to protect your skin, but it’s not the only season that puts your skin at risk. The weather changes that come in the winter can cause everything from dry, cracking skin [...]
By Alyse Brunella • December 15, 2016
If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you know the struggle of finding products that work for you. Whether it’s the hours of researching ingredients online, or turning yourself into a human guinea pig testing out what works for you - the process can get exhausting. Luckily,
By Ali Skahan • September 6, 2016
August never fails to bring us brutal temperatures, which is why you shouldn’t have to think twice about stepping out of your house in a new pair of shorts or your favorite skirt. Unfortunately, for those affected by psoriasis, insecurities about doing exactly that are common. Get treatment [...]
By Ali Skahan • August 19, 2016
If you’re a woman that has freckles, you may feel like you need to cover them as much as possible. Often times this is due to “sun shaming,” or the implication that freckles develop from a lack of sun protection. Fortunately, this is just a myth and embracing natural beauty [...]
By Ali Skahan • August 3, 2016
Whether you’re strolling along the Atlantic or scuba diving in the Pacific, keep an eye out for jellyfish (or the evil gelatinous bags that will sting you, according to BuzzFeed). Trust us, you don’t want to get stung – ouch! But just in case you do, spare yourself the [...]
By Alyse Brunella • July 14, 2016
Wearing sunscreen is one of the most common summer tips and you probably still hear your mom’s voice in your head telling you to put it on. But beyond the nagging, it really is important, and there are more factors to be mindful of other than just [...]
By Ali Skahan • June 6, 2016
This season, the best accessories to have handy are sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses for optimal sun protection. We know getting that perfect bronzed glow may be at the top of your list for looking your best this spring, but make sure you’re taking care [...]
By Ali Skahan • May 11, 2016
Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, which means our drug store aisles will be flooded sunscreens of all types and SPFs. So how do you know you’re choosing the right one? Surprisingly, it’s not just about the SPF! The key is to choose a “broad-spectrum sunscreen” meaning it protects [...]
By Kelsey Mohring • April 19, 2016
Alright ladies, we know the habit is hard to kick, but for the sake of beauty (and health)… no more nail biting! Apparently when you bite your nails, not only are you messing up your nail beds, but you are also more prone to infection and at risk for spreading [...]
By Kelsey Mohring • February 23, 2016