Please join us on Periscope next Thursday, Jan. 21 at 10 a.m. CT (11 ET/8 PT) for an #AskTheMayoMom Q&A session on Winter Safety. Angela Mattke, M.D., pediatrician in the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, will discuss winter safety and winter sports and will answer your related questions, [...]
By Lee Aase • January 15, 2016
Join us Monday, Dec. 14 at 3 p.m. CT via Periscope for a live discussion with Mayo Clinic’s Brent Larson, from the Dan Abraham Health Living Center, to learn about gratitude and building resiliency. What does it mean to be grateful? Being grateful is to acknowledge and appreciate the [...]
By Barbara Sorensen • December 10, 2015
In the fourth installment of #AskTheMayoMom on Periscope, Angela Mattke, M.D., pediatrician in the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, will answer your questions on the topic of education. Join us on Thursday, Dec. 10, 12 noon ET (11 a.m. CT /9 a.m. PT) for this live broadcast, [...]
By Barbara Sorensen • December 7, 2015
Please join us on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 11:30 a.m. EST for an interactive tour of the Chapel on the Mayo Clinic Hospital – Saint Marys Campus via Periscope. Since its beginning in 1889, there has been a chapel at Saint Marys Hospital. Money earned by the Sisters of [...]
By Barbara Sorensen • November 13, 2015
Mayo Clinic Pediatrician Angela Mattke, M.D. answered questions about children's health and well-being during our first #AskTheMayoMom Periscope video event on Thursday, Sept. 24. Dr. Mattke, a consultant in the Mayo Clinic Children's Center, [...]
By Lee Aase • September 22, 2015
Visitors to Mayo Clinic’s downtown campus in Rochester, Minn., may have heard bells ringing during various times of the day or evening. The bells of the carillon have been ringing in Rochester since 1928 and are housed in the tower atop the Plummer Building. Mayo Clinic’s carillon is the [...]
By Barbara Sorensen • September 10, 2015
On Friday, August 7 Mayo Clinic offered a live, interactive video tour via Periscope.of Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall on our Rochester, Minn. campus. Matt Dacy of the Mayo Clinic Department of Development guided our tour of Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall, which tells the story of Mayo Clinic. [...]
By Lee Aase • August 5, 2015
The Mayo Clinic Video Production Unit supports a wide range of video requests from all Mayo Staff ranging from Patient and Staff Education, entertainment, media interviews, news conferences and live surgical broadcasts. The TV studio, combined with our video editing and Master Control, is able to create and distribute [...]
By Lee Aase • July 17, 2015
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