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Eating disorders are serious conditions that negatively impact a person’s health, emotions and ability to function normally. Spread awareness during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and seek help for loved ones who may be living with an eating disorder. The National Eating Disorders Program educates and [...]
By Margaret Shepard • February 28, 2017
Genomic sequencing. It sounds futuristic, but what is it exactly? It starts with one sample of your DNA – researchers then use it to learn about your health history, assess your risks for developing certain diseases and understand how your body metabolizes drugs. To help you better understand how genomic [...]
By Tameka Davis • March 8, 2016
Listen up! Grab yourself a cup of joe and join #MayoClinicRadio this Saturday morning to discuss epilepsy, improving health care outcomes and parathyroid disorders. Mark your calendars and learn more here.
By Kelsey Mohring • January 28, 2016
Say what?! According to a new study led by a Mayo Clinic trauma surgeon, many patients leaving the hospital don't understand their follow-up care plans! And apparently, it’s not just the poor handwriting :) Learn more here.
By Kelsey Mohring • January 7, 2016
While caregiving for a loved one can be rewarding, it’s also pretty stressful! These tips from Mayo Clinic experts can help you deal with the stress of being a caregiver. We’re here for you, so you can be there for them.
By Rebecca McRoberts • December 18, 2015
That’s a lot of babies! After 30 years with the Mayo Clinic Health System, Dr. Laurence Nace estimates that he’s delivered about 7,000 babies. Watch: KTTC-TV
By SMHNadmin • October 5, 2015