Bones Joints and Muscles

Did you know that every 13 seconds an older adult is in an ER for a fall-related injury? Suffering from a severe fall can leave you with bruises, sore muscles or worse – broken bones. As part of Falls Prevention Awareness Day, take [...]
By Alyse Brunella • September 22, 2016
Whether you’re a high school athlete or a professional, being sidelined is never the goal. But for Brooke Johnson, this was reality - until she visited the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. Brooke began having sharp pain in her hips, including a
By Alyse Brunella • September 8, 2016
We get it… chronic pain sucks. It can affect every part of your life and finding relief can feel like a full-time job. As part of National Pain Awareness Month, learn more about pain management from Mayo Clinic.
By Alyse Brunella • September 7, 2016
Suffering from a major injury is no easy feat, but when it happens twice – ouch! That was reality for Stuart Baker. Stuart began his career as a flight attendant and eventually became a pilot for a major airline. But at age 40, Stuart had By Alyse Brunella • September 1, 2016
Do you ever catch yourself slouched at your desk, only to spring up because you remember the importance of good posture? Learning basic office ergonomics is important. That’s why Mayo Clinic shared tips for good posture such as aligning your eyes with the part of your screen you focus [...]
By Alyse Brunella • August 9, 2016
With warmer weather approaching, the last things you’ll want to deal with are headaches and back pain, which are both side-effects of bad posture. Mayo Clinic has a complete guide to better posture, so that you can spend more time enjoying the sunny [...]
By Ali Skahan • April 27, 2016
Did you know your bones are constantly being broken down and replaced? But osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle — so brittle that a fall or even mild stresses like bending over or coughing can cause a fracture. Luckily, it only takes a few simple steps to [...]
By Tameka Davis • March 28, 2016
Brush up on these crazy Super Bowl health stats before Sunday to surprise your friends. They’ll never expect you to know all about concussions and ligament injuries – good thing you’ve got Mayo Clinic’s experts on your side!  
By Tameka Davis • February 5, 2016