Autoimmune Diseases

60-year-old, Denise Krivach, awoke one morning to her body not functioning properly and sought out help from Mayo Clinic. After her team of specialists diagnosed her with autoimmune encephalitis, she underwent surgery but was uncertain of her future. Fortunately, Alta, a 4-year-old golden [...]
By Ali Skahan • November 11, 2016
When it comes to being charitable, bone marrow donation may not sound as easy as a clothes drive, but it is way more valuable. According to Be The Match, a patient's best chance of finding a matching bone marrow donor is with someone of similar ancestry, and African [...]
By Ali Skahan • July 6, 2016
Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your immune system attacks your own body. For many, it comes in flares, and the symptoms can often be mistaken for other conditions. The most distinctive sign— a facial rash that looks like the wings of a butterfly unfolding across both [...]
By Alyse Brunella • June 21, 2016
There are more than a few misconceptions about multiple sclerosis. One of those being that people with MS can’t exercise. In reality, mild to moderate exercise is great for improving strength and muscle tone! Help spread awareness about living with MS during National MS Education and Awareness Month by [...]
By Kelsey Mohring • March 15, 2016