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Hi @lizaa I’m just chiming in with a little input from my current taper. I’m on...

worth the extra expense. Google liquid benzo taper and you can get the jist of it

@momofconcern Hello, I wonder if he could have post-ictal delirium, I’d ask the neurologist about that....

treatment with pindolol (a beta-blocker), benzos or anti-psychotics, VNS, surgery --

Hello my name is Danny. I live in Hayward, Ca. I haven't been to the Dr...

and was prescribed anti depressants (benzos and SSRi's) at times they worked. However ... personally came to the conclusion that the benzos may have caused the floaters so I decided ... decided to stop. Coming off benzos to SSRI's was extremely hard and literally

The Ashton Manual is a part of the National Health System in the United Kingdom, and...

The guidelines in the USA are now benzos are supposed to be used only 2 weeks

Adrenaline spikes: Med detective needed, award given

was an addictive prescription for benzos but I refuse to be treated for something

Thank you, Laurie. I am sorry that you have suffered from RLS for over 30 years....

so proud of you getting an of the Benzos. Wow! That is a huge accomplishment

Yes wont repeat story here but pressured and cut off Benzo.. didnt even know it was...

story here but pressured and cut off Benzo.. didnt even know it was one til Feb

Here's what I did, and it worked, no problems. I asked my Psychiatrist M.D. if I...

never ever advise someone to take a benzo as THAT withdrawal is horrible!! (I

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