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Agree about the darn benzos.

Agree about the darn benzos.

@annfsd Hello Ann, If you ever find a doctor trained in Benzo withdrawal please let us...

If you ever find a doctor trained in Benzo withdrawal please let us know, Anyone ... looking for a knowledgeable person in the Benzo field will be looking long and hard

Benzos make it worse

Benzos make it worse ... Does anyone here have this reaction to benzos? At first

At your age your doctor should have just left you on a low dose. Does the...

Things have changed in regards to benzo prescribing but it’s not a law that ... every single person is to be taken off Benzos. This is your doctors ignorant decision

The reason is Benzo Brain injury.

The reason is Benzo Brain injury.

Medical schools have taught this for many years, but you go to the pain management doc...

and your psychiatrist prescribes benzo's because your symptoms won't ... drug. Everything I have read about benzo's warns that they are only to be used

Anyone found anything that helped this brutal condition so you could have any sort of life...

am on 8 different Benzo withdrawal sites including benzo buddies and found zero

All anti depressants are dangerous. There are no “good” antidepressants. One can become extremely dependent on...

an antidepressant just as they can a benzo and withdrawal can be horrendous. The ... is antidepressants rarely work and Benzos do.

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