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Jul 3, 2015

Diabetes and Gluten: What You Need to Know

By Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator, @kanaazpereira

Is gluten something you should avoid if you have diabetes? An article recently published in Healthline News explores the connection between gluten and diabetes. The article states:

  •  According to some research, there may be a genetic link between celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. However, there seems to be no connection between celiac disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • To streamline a diet, making it more diabetes-friendly, there are plenty of starchy foods that don't include gluten. Sweet and white potatoes, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, beans, corn are great options.
  • Gluten-free products can be higher in added sugars or sodium, and many contain less fiber. This may cause carbohydrates to be more rapidly absorbed, which can spike blood sugar, so read food labels carefully.
  • "If you have diabetes and celiac disease, you absolutely should go gluten-free. It’s the only way to avoid the pain and damage caused by eating even a little gluten."

Read the full article online here.

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