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Welcome to the Charter House page! Charter House is the world’s only Mayo Clinic Retirement Living and is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

In these pages we provide you with helpful resources that enable you to age in a healthy and purposeful way. You’ll find insight from Mayo Clinic experts, wellness tips, and personal stories about aging well. Follow us as we discuss steps you can take to improve your overall well-being.

Jul 4, 2017

Art Impacts Health

By Aimalicia Staub, MSW, @aimaliciastaub

"Experiencing a lifestyle infused with the arts provides, a 'pleasant touch in a busy day.'  The importance of arts in impacting wellness and health is a growing area of research. The creation and placement of art shows some documentable evidence in healing. The role of visual arts in healing and wellness also has an important psychological and social impact.  By integrating expressions of human culture into Charter House, residents gain new insights into the creative arts and expand their creative capacity. This translates into other areas of life ranging from critical thinking and asking questions about business and politics. It is one of the keys to health and wellness." -- Paul Scanlon, M.D., Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Humanities in Medicine.


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