Behind the Shields

Join Mayo Clinic scientist and physician leaders as they share their pioneering research, ground breaking discoveries, and developing medical advancements within an array of specialties.


2018 Behind the Shields: Program #1, Jacksonville, FL

Individualized Medicine | 04/10/18, Jacksonville, FL

New understanding of the human genome and its potential to diagnose and treat disease is transforming health care. This evolving work will ensure each patient receives the right therapy at the right time.

Regenerative Medicine | 04/10/18, Jacksonville, FL

Mayo Clinic experts are pioneering research that taps into and boosts the body’s natural ability to heal. This revolution in medicine enables the repair of diseased, injured and impaired tissues and organs, and offers the hope of previously unimaginable therapies for our patients.


2018 Behind the Shields: Program #2, Rochester, MN

Individualized Medicine | 08/23/18, Rochester, MN

Pioneering new understanding of the human genome to personalize care for your unique.

Alzheimer's Disease and Healthy Aging | 08/23/18, Rochester, MN

Warning signs, early detection — and practical tips for aging well.

Opioid Crisis and Pain Management | 08/23/18, Rochester, MN

Our response to a national crisis — and effective ways to manage pain.

From Gratitude to Giving | 08/23/18, Rochester, MN

The "dividends" of your philanthropic support in medical progress — a collaborative panel discussion on how your support makes a difference.


2018 Behind the Shields: Program #3, Phoenix, AZ

Recordings from the 12/06/18 event are currently being edited. Final recordings are forthcoming.

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