My Second Chance

A transplant means another chance at life, a higher quality of life... just getting back to life.

Living donors provide the ultimate gift-a second chance at life for someone in need. Take a look behind the scenes to find out what that second chance has meant to these living donor recipients.

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Second Chance

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My Second Chance – Katie Neely
I had a living liver donor, my sister Alisa. She was 18 years old and just graduated high school when she offered to give me 64% of her liver. We went through all our testing and she was a match. In September of 2004, we were scheduled to have my transplant. My husband's insurance paid 100% if I went to a Mayo Clinic. We chose Arizona because it was the closest to Oregon. They also paid for my living place… Read More »
Roxanne Watson
My Second Chance – Roxanne Watson
I suffered a silent heart attack in May of 2006. Unaware of the event I continued to go to work daily for 6 weeks. In June of 2006, I was finally diagnosed in the ER at my local hospital and placed in cardiac care where I stayed for almost two years. Finally in 2008, I was told I needed to go for advanced cardiac care in NYC. After 9 days inpatient evaluation I was told I was going to be… Read More »
My Second Chance – Savannah Mullis
“Prior to that call, I felt like I was going to have to put our dreams of a big family, travel and a normal life on hold to take care of my husband,“ Savannah says. “But when I got the call that I was a match, I knew everything would be OK.”   When 29-year-old Cameron Mullis of Jacksonville, Florida, was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy and told he’d need a kidney transplant, he was facing the likelihood of kidney dialysis… Read More »
Liver Transplant Allows Young Father to Be There for His Family
The way my disease works, if I had waited for a deceased donor, I probably would have been too sick for a transplant. Being able to have a living-donor transplant opened up the opportunity for me to get the second chance I needed. Having PSC, I would have died without a transplant. No question. In a few years, there’s nothing they could have done. So obviously it’s made a huge difference in my health. But the transplant has also allowed me to… Read More »