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Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I am 69 and was diagnosed with acid reflux two 1/2 years ago; severe enough to be on 40 mg twice a day of a proton inhibitor and have tried several. On the internet one day I researched this and found that acid reflux could be the result of your stomach acids are not equalized. Something as simple as a glass of lemon water or two could do the trick; the alkaline acid in lemons neutralizes the stomach acid It did for me.. I had a 16 year old dog which I had to have put down and discovered while I had her, I had severe allergies with lots of post nasal drip (which also can cause acid reflux), didn’t think it could be her. After having her put down, my allergies are not nearly as bad and all I take now for prevention is 1 20 mg. of Pepcid AC in the am and lemon water when I need it. Am completely off of those proton inhibitors. Good Luck

Elsie Crean

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I also read on the internet that apple cider vinegar is very good as well but can have a few side effects eventually. Unfortunately, you do have to be consistent and follow a good diet as well. You know nothing spicey. Its a tough diet to follow. Good Luck

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I also wanted to thank dandi 48. I had a endoscopy last year and of course had it done in the ENT’s office (didn’t like that) and didn’t care for him either. Everything was fine then. This year I just had a colonoscopy, everything fine there, but the doctor was a gastro doctor and said he would take care of me for the acid reflux so am going to make an appointment with him and am going to have him do the endoscopy. Thanks

Aug 12, 2016 · Falling for no apparent reason in Just Want to Talk

I’m 70 and the past six months have felt very unstable on my feet. Have caught myself several times from falling. I finally went to a foot doctor and had my feet x-rayed and found I have arthritis in my right foot, start of hammer toes and of course those bunions (not too bad). I had orthodics, but decided to go to the Good Feet store and now have better orthodics and found that I needed a very good pair of sneakers. I tried on a pair of Brooks there with the new orthodics and so comfortable. I didn’t purchase them at that store as they were too expensive, but ended up finding them elsewhere. They help with pronation, more stabilization walking and the alignment of my body is now where it should be. Amazed what a good pair of sneakers can do with the orthodics that I needed.