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Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

I’ve been using PPI’s for years and years, that’s probably why my gastroenterologist told me to get a bone density test and it was
discovered I have osteoporosis. May I ask what is polymorphisms? I’m taking an iron pill for this weakness, B12, my Vit. D for the osteoporosis and calcium. I’m not feeling any better though, that’s why I’m so scared that he will tell me I’m losing blood. The dr. doesn’t even know how I’m feeling right now, all this weakness. I agree I am very surprised doctors don’t realize how pills have bad side effects for some people.

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

I’ve written to you once before on this Nissen Fundoplications and I just read of so many people swearing about the Mayo Clinic. I have
not even returned to my gastroenterologist because I know he will send me to a general surgeon, I think I’m just plain scared of surgery.
How did your surgery go? Were you in a lot of pain? and how long did you stay in the hospital. I don’t know how much longer I can go
on like this, feeling so sick all the time, feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous. I do take nausea pills twice a day.

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Can you suggest a thoracic surgeon from Mayo Clinic that does Nissen Fundoplication. Its time I start doing something about this
hiatal hernia. But I don’t know of any doctors that do this surgery near my home. Any help from you would be so greatly

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Thank you for the all valuable information. I’ve heard horror stories if they wrap too tightly its impossible to vomit. Have you ever heard that?
Is an esophagram where they give you a drink and then they x-ray you as you swallow it? My gastro never mentioned any problems with the esophagus.
I guess its this very large hiatal hernia. Oh it must have been terrible not to be able to take pain meds for the shoulder. Did you have any pain in the stomach
area or diaphgram area? Did you have a problem swallowing after you woke up from surgery? Please excuse all my questions. I’m so petrified
to have this done. May I ask you a personal question? Would you be able to give me the name of the surgeon that performed this surgery
Again thank you for the information.

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

No, I have never been to the Mayo Clinic
I hope what you say is true, that they are all great
Don’t need any mistakes or problems at my age, I’m 75yrs. old
This hiatal hernia never ever bothered me only having the heartburn
Its only been bothering me on and off for the last year. I get very weak
and no energy, I think I’m losing blood, so my gastroenterologist wants
me to have a colonoscopy which I haven’t done either.
Not crazy about the prepping for it.

Do the doctors mention to lose weight, before surgery? I’ve been trying for years without success.
How are you feeling now? Are you happy you went thru with it?

Let me know, thanks so much for the information


On Wed, 2/15/17, Mayo Clinic Connect wrote:

Subject: @kdubois replied to I’m scheduled for Nissen Fundoplication surgery @ Mayo next Tuesday…
To: barpet63@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 12:49 PM

by @kdubois
in Digestive
Health on Wed, Feb 15

I believe what you want is a thoracic surgeon.

Have you been to Mayo before? They will likely want you to
meet with a GI doctor first, and they will then order
testing and maybe some labs. You usually don’t get to
choose which doctor you get, but that’s okay because
they are all great.

I see Dr. Jeffrey Alexander in GI. He then finds a thoracic
surgeon. My thoracic surgeon is Dr. Francis Nichols.

I first met Dr. Alexander in January 2016.

I had a follow-up with him in August, and at that time he
said that I was now a candidate for the surgery because I
had lost some weight, was healthier, and they had also
learned that I cannot take PPIs due to genetic issues. He
asked if I could stay a week longer to do the testing and
have a subsequent follow-up with him and the surgeon because
I lucked out and another patient had just cancelled all of
these same appointments I needed.

At the follow-up, I met with him again, and then he pulled a
thoracic surgery PA and Dr. Nichols into the room. We talked
everything over, and Dr. Nichols then pulled his
schedule/calendar up on the computer screen and we picked a
surgery date.
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Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Yes I had that test, it wasn’t too bad. I have no idea the size of the hernia, my gastroenterologist never told me
and I never thought to ask. Did they tell y ou why you’re getting small pains in your abdomen and what is it from, will they
go away.

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Well I have a lot of thinking to do, my weight is a little more than yours was, over 200, what I should do is make an appointment
to visit these doctors and then they can tell me how much weight I have to lose before they can operate. Another thing does your
medical insurance pay for most of the care before and after surgery. Again you’ve been such a big help to me and I truly appreciate
all the detailed information you gave me.

Mon, Feb 3 9:09pm · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

I have a feeling they would tell me to lose some weight, I’m only 5’1 and over 200lbs. So to protect me
I know they would rather me lose the weight. Again thank you so much for all the valuable information.