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Jul 9, 2016 · Hiatal or Inguinal Hernia Diagnosis in Digestive Health

I guess my answer would be what do you want to do? Do you want to treat it with diet and antacids or do you want to go to surgery or diet and PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) Once you know that answer you can figure it out. I could not treat with diet and antacids and they had me on meds from day one, mostly in the beginning on antacids but as I aged it moved to Pepcid and others like it and the to the PPI’s. I went through a series of tests to see about the surgery and how bad my heartburn was and they decided I should have surgery and I thought it would take the problem away and they did also. Then I had to go for a couple more tests and found I had a swallowing disorder due to the GERD and could not have the Nissian fundoplication and would have to have a belsy fundoplication, much more complicated and not sure I would do it again, but they thought it would take the problem away, it did not Then I was on the Pepcid for a long time in 2000 when I began having trouble with Pepcid they moved me to Protonix and I have been mostly ok, somedays I have eaten to late a food I know will give me heartburn or just too late. I try to eat no later than 5pm so I can sleep. I tried to get off the PPI because of side effects but I had to quit after 5 days the longest I could make it due to misery. It took several days for my stomach and the GERD to settle down after that. My doctor said I should stay on it I want to discuss it with him further. I don’t see another option as antacids alone and even being very careful with diet don’t work. My friend who did it is on Pepcid several times a week and eating rice cakes, yogurt and kefir and nothing else. She has been off the ppi for a month now. Does give me a lot of encouragement to try again. The last set of tests were down due to nausea that felt like morning sickness and for 9 months couldn’t eat, it turned out with the cat scan that it is non alcoholic fatty liver disease. The only way to treat it is to lose weight which I am doing but it is not helping with the GERD. I guess I am stuck with the PPI’s and side effects. I wish you much good luck.

Jul 6, 2016 · GERD, reflux: Where do I begin? in Digestive Health

What makes me want to quit is that I keep reading everywhere that protonix is not a long term med and that it will cause weakening of bones making it more likely to break if you fall as you get older. There were some other things of minor importance but is seems that the harder you try the more you don’t go anywhere. I have quit other meds and had no problems but with this GERD you just can not quit, and maybe the protonix is not made for long term use, because big pharma wants money but I can not control the GERD with only antacids that is why I finally went through with the surgery inspite of the difficulty of the surgery the regular fundoplication is much easier to do and recover from. A lot of people I have talked to did well on it and I had hoped I would also. I have tried most of the meds out and am allergic to all of them so having the protonix to use is a true blessing. I thought it would be easy to quit and I could live without a med that has side effects I don’t want like ringing in ears, hives, being fatigued, diarrehea, nausea, being thirsty, dry mouth, and a whole slew of others. I also have epilepsy so it can trigger seizures but I don’t think it is doing that. I still get GERD symptoms at time if I eat late and forget and go to sleep, if I have anything with a red sauce, Mexican or Italian and it has to be lunch or I can not sleep until really late. I have trouble sleeping and Protonix can cause that also. So all things considered I thought it was a good idea, but in reality it is not a very doable things or I have not found it to be. I am losing weight because of non alcoholic fatty liver disease and they did a ton of tests to find it and one was an endoscopy and they found a new hiatal hernia starting, and I have lost 35 lbs and am still losing. That has not ?

Jul 5, 2016 · GERD, reflux: Where do I begin? in Digestive Health

I have GERD. It is very bad. I was tested and because of the GERD I have a swallowing disorder and to do the surgery to fix the muscle they had to do a belsy fundoplication instead of just a plain one. It did not however end the GERD. I am on medicine Protonix and I take it once a day which is a true blessing, I have read so many bad things about it that I thought I would quit and just live with the GERD, I tried and the longest I made it was 5 days and they were not pain free. My friend is at a month but she can not eat anything but rice cakes, yogurt and kefir because of the bad heartburn and she is taking duo fusion and alka seltzer gold. It does not encourage me to try a third time to try and stop. I read about the breaking bones and other problems but Mayo clinic lists the breaking bones as a slight risk so I am not sure if I should stop the Protonix as it helps so much. I still can not bend over after eating so I have to schedule chores and things around eating and time to get the food out of stomach. I guess what I am wondering is should I try to quit the medicine or should I just keep on going with it. My surgery was in 1996 and I have been on Protonix since 2000 and I have taken several severe falls and knock on wood have not broken anything. I am trying not to fall. I asked my doctor when I saw him the other day and if I should quit and he said no but we didn’t have time to discuss it. After two tries, using probiotics, digestive enzymes, Betaine and papaya for heartburn and eventually gaviscon for heartburn cause the papaya didn’t work after the second day. I really don’t know what to do and my friends attempt does not leave me wanting to try especially since I can get my med so cheap. I have had the GERD since I was 8 and I am 68 now. So I have lived with it a long time, the last 20 years have been the best because of the medicine. Any help would be appreciated.