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Tue, Apr 7 10:58am · Bone cancer discovered in Cancer

@colleenyoung — I have started the discussion entry you recommended, but didn't continue …. Still the nausea issue. I will do it! Dee

Tue, Apr 7 10:49am · Bone cancer discovered in Cancer

@hopeful33250 — Hi Teresa. Thank you for the message. I am recovering, but feel pretty poorly still. I am still nauseous, mostly in the morning. My 46 year old daughter made the comment to her brothers – "Oh my! Mom is Pregnant!" Too funny! And no, I look very young, but I would make History if I were! 😀

This afternoon, I have a "Telemedicine" appointment with my Radiation Oncologist. My first such appointment! @colleenyoung will be very proud of me! So I downloaded "Zoom.us" and I am ready to go.🙂

Thank you Teresa! Stay healthy!
— Dee

Thu, Apr 2 12:18pm · Bone cancer discovered in Cancer

@colleenyoung and all — I wrote a reply which "disappeared" in thin air … Operator error I would guess, but really frustrating!
I apologize for my "lack of presence" but have been very ill with severe dehydration brought on by a viral gastroenteritis. Was in the hospital, but was dismissed as soon as I could stand up! I didn't know you could have such terrible labs, EKG, CT scans, etc. and still be alive!

I was, and I am. Take heart everyone; there is light at the end of this, and many other tunnels!

Colleen, you are right, at least in Virginia, NO VISITORS in any hospital or surgery center is the mantra. My husband had to leave me at the front entrance of the ER and picked me up at the Hospital Main Entrance when I was dismissed, 2 days later! It makes for a VERY lonely experience. Of course, most of us don't go to a hospital ER unless it is an emergency. Still, though happy they could try to make me feel better, finding yourself "totally" alone is not a great feeling.

We need to consider perhaps how to discuss this particular aspect of going to any ER or any hospital and being psychologically prepared to be alone, for hours and/or days. It's a new experience for most everyone. I am not one requiring a lot of company at all; I had my cell (with my charger) and kept in touch with my family. BUT it was a psychological challenge.

Particularly so when suddenly, every cell phone in the ER, and every speaker began to blare out the strident sound of an alert. I just happened to have a doctor by my side … The looks of fear and confusion I saw in her eyes were unmistakable … I quickly looked at my phone and it did not show the usual "This is a Test of …". It was THE real thing. The Governor had just ORDERED the entire Commonwhealth's (non-emergency essential) population to stay home and all medical facilities and personnel to prepare for a ramp up of COVID-19 patients. I felt I was stopping traffic!

Again, I apologize for being "absent" in the past few days. I couldn't control nausea or vomiting and reading made it worse, of course. Before I try to post this, I also wanted to add that I am going to have a series of tests for "potential" bone cancer … All of which will be postponed for a while, given the situation we are in. So, I am not going to be terribly useful at present. That said, I send my best wishes to @wolfhound1966 and anyone else who may be struggling with a bone cancer diagnosis.

I have taken another nausea pill … but it is best if I stop reading, writing, and even "thinking" and take another nap.

Stay in the game. Don't panic, it is going to get better in a few weeks.

— Dee

Sat, Mar 28 8:01am · COVID19 keeping safe - about same that chemo patients do in Cancer

@roch — Hi Laurie, thanks for the "reality check". Yes, some of us are new to this, others are not … But everyone on this and similar blogs is on this merry-go-round, perhaps feeling sort of dizzy.

Let's all take a deep breath … Smile, life renewal is all around, yes, even for those allergic to pollen 🙂 . You can't choose your genes or perhaps environmental effects on your body … BUT we all can control how we react to the issues in our lives. Let's all reach for that strength within ourselves and laugh, whistle, sing, dance, and wear a happy smile. And if you just can't find that smile, then reach out and seek the help and support of those around you, including family, clergy, mental health therapists, and others who have or are going through similar events. Reach out on "Connect". We are not doctors, but we are pretty good at providing warmth and acceptance, and information too.

Stay safe and well!
— Dee

Fri, Mar 27 11:56am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@colleenyoung — Thank you for the questions. As it happened, I finished my breast radiations exactly 16 days ago. Thankfully! The other things I need to do have been canceled until the threat of COVID-19 is over. That include mammography, 6-month follow-up with surgeon, blood work, CT scans, etc..

At this point, I have radiation side-effects, but also feel pretty stressed, and am experiencing what may be described as "brain fog" … Very NOT me! Distressing in and of itself. Mental health care is available, if you feel comfortable with "Telemedicine". I don't.

Regardless, I am keeping a positive attitude and optimism. They are very important in life, particularly at such times when our sense of "lack of control over our own lives" tends to drag us down.

Stay strong and stay safe!

Tue, Mar 10 11:53am · COVID-19 and MAC: What are you doing differently to protect yourself? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

You are correct @heathert. These masks are good if you don't want to pass YOUR viral infections to others. My husband and I do have these, in the event one of us gets a viral bug of any sort.

This is the plan: The sick one will wear the "surgical mask" (to prevent the spread of the virus). The healthy one will wear the N95, (to prevent catching the virus).

Stay safe and keep smiling! 🙂

— Dee

Sun, Mar 1 11:08pm · No More Bronchiectasis -- Is It Possible? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

All, Thought I'd share with you the "realities" of what is commonly called "brain fog":

So the Cancer Center offers Therapeutic Massages. Finally decided to apply and the therapist sent me a nice email explaining where to go, etc. I wrote back, asking her "what to wear"!!! Geez!!

🙂 🙂
— Dee

Sun, Mar 1 10:42pm · No More Bronchiectasis -- Is It Possible? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

All –Thanks! Well, I didn't do anything special to get to this point! I was diagnosed a number of years ago, and for at least 18 mos, I did all sorts of things, including nebulizing. I started feeling better, so slowly stopped doing most therapies. Then I just did what I "needed" to do when I had a new bronchitis or pneumonia.

Other than that, I found I had Breast Cancer in Sep 2019, had last pneumonia right before the surgery, in Nov, and I am doing Radiation treatments now. So what can I say, perhaps the Lord decided to take something off of my plate?

Whatever changed my status, I believe I will take it at face value, keep on smiling and being optimistic!! 😉