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Thu, May 21 11:25am · COVID-19 update with vaccine expert Dr. Gregory Poland: vaccine trials and unique COVID symptoms in Podcasts

Cartoonists sometimes point out interesting alternative viewpoints

Thu, May 21 11:22am · COVID-19 update with vaccine expert Dr. Gregory Poland: vaccine trials and unique COVID symptoms in Podcasts

Your program taped on the 19th was very informative. You point out the advances the medical community have made in treatments in just weeks to improve outcomes for those stricken. You are wary of the reopen pressures which wide spread economic devastation have brought to bear on your lockdown. I would ask instead of continuing to admonish us to stay the course that you might develop more guidelines which aid the reopening efforts.

I live in Wisconsin and have recently ventured out to a few eateries and found them to have enhanced safety measures. I agree with our Supreme Court, whether partisan or not, that dictatorial powers in healthcare officials cannot be tolerated. The legislative process must be adhered to even as Gov. Evers, a Democrat, is faced with a Republican legislature and a Right leaning Court. A statewide "one size fits all" mandate is no longer adequate. Our local city and county officials have issued safety guidelines which may not work in Milwaukee, but work well for Eau Claire. We are not primitive thrill seekers who just want to resist.

Thu, Apr 16 8:32am · Tips to Cultivate Mindfulness at Home in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Very thoughtful reminders on how to smell the roses. I was a Road Warrior for much of the 80s and began journaling to create a sense of place. I've kept the habit and have 40 years on three shelves.

Tue, Mar 17 8:21pm · COVID-19: Let's Stick Together Virtually in COVID-19

My favorite family eatery is still open. They must not exceed half occupancy and must close by 5pm. Sensible rules to live by.

Tue, Mar 17 12:57pm · COVID-19: Let's Stick Together Virtually in COVID-19

My interest in Selenium came from an article showing it to help with Mercury we might ingest from fish.

Tue, Mar 17 9:45am · COVID-19: Let's Stick Together Virtually in COVID-19

I heard Trump at his Task Force news conference. He reminded us we have never attempted such a nation-wide effort before. FEMA and others are well prepared for tornadoes and hurricanes, but this challenge is new. He is proud of their efforts and stated that all they put in place will be readily available if such an event ever occurs again.

Tue, Mar 17 7:38am · COVID-19: Let's Stick Together Virtually in COVID-19

Yesterday I had an appointment in Mpls (90 miles from Eau Claire). As long as I was there I decided to do DINNER and a MOVIE. The Landmark theaters have Independent productions which I enjoy. I tried to work in two films as many only stay a week. The first began at 4 and was out by 6:30. When I got to the second theater it was closed for COVID-19. The Mayor of Mpls ordered them closed. He also ordered restaurants and bars closed at Noon the next day (today = St Patty Day for the Irish pubs). I see the wisdom of his decision.

Nov 17, 2019 · 100% blocked artery in Heart & Blood Health

I just read of a gov't study on heart procedures. Bypass surgery and angioplasty with stents only gets the clogged arteries on the heart. The rest of your circulatory system is probably clogged as well (a life time of ham and cheese omelets). The medicine only approach may be advisable.They describe the medicine as Baby aspirin, cholesterol statin and blood pressure meds.

My doctors at MAYO-Rochester opened up my clogged artery with four stents "and" prescribed the medicines also: aspirin, Simvistatin and Benazipril. You might say I got the relief of repairs to the major blockages and the meds for any clogging that might occur later.