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Jun 28, 2017 · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

It is unclear to me whether your doctor is taking you off of the drug or if it is no longer paying for much of the prescription. If it is the later you are lucky as the generic would cost about fifty cents a milligram if I am correct and hopefully that is something you can afford. If the doctor is taking you off of it than tell us what the new therapy is going to be. For anxiety I find Lyrica works wonders. I take 150 mg 3x a day. The problem here is unless medicare pays for it or one of your type b insurance pays for it, it will cost a fortune. About $6.00 a pill Best of luck to you nd thanks for your service to our Country.

Jun 28, 2017 · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

I had been a hermit for about 4 years, and being unable to picture things in my mind I attribute to the same anxiety that left me unable to leave the house. Although I was really only a hermit for four years a good part of 25 years I had extreme difficulty leaving the house. Often I had to get high on booze, or benzo’s to just get me out of the door to shop for groceries. This in turn manifested itself in severe addiction which took years for me to over come.

THERE IS HOPE. I RECENTLY HAD KETAMINE TRANSFUSIONS AND MY DEPRESSION AND MY ANXIETY ARE NEARLY GONE. This is a relatively new approach which has not been FDA approved although a doctor can do it off-label. It would take millions of dollars in testing to get it FDA approved and the makers of Ketamine would not find it financially feasible to spend the money for the testing since the drug has been out around fifty years now and it costs very little and therefore the profit would be too small to pay for the testing.

Look online under ketamine and depression and ketamine and anxiety and I have not seen one bad review. I had it two weeks ago and after having suicidal idealization every day for almost twenty years I have had only one day since the treatment where it occurred. My sleep which was usually limited to four hours a night has bumped up to six or seven hours a night and my anxiety is on tenth of what it was.

I strongly advice you to look into this. It has worked wonders for me.

Jun 8, 2016 · Seroquel for anxiety, social anxiety & PTSD in Depression & Anxiety

I have suffered anxiety all my life. Antidepressants, well I have taken so many I’ve lost count with no help at all. Benzodiazapines such as Klonopin, Valium, Xanax etc work wonders in the short term but as soon as tolerance builds I need to take a break from them. Buspar is used for anxiety but is not a benzo and actually made me more anxious. However, the worst medication I was on was Seroquel. It did absolutely nothing for the anxiety and although it made me drowsy it also gave me horrible bouts of restless leg syndrome which sounds benign enough until you have it as it is hard to put into words. I also had trouble swallowing, I was dizzy all the time, and my cholesterol went through the roof. Everyone is different but that for me was a nightmare. A doctor has no right to be mad at you for how you feel. If he does get that way get another doctor who listens to your fears and concerns. Lyrica usually used for neuropathy is by far the best medicine I’ve taken in conjunction with Trazadone for sleep, klonopin (the benzo) once tolerance develops still works in conjunction with the Lyrica. I take 150 mg 3x a day. Klonopin 1-2 mg a day. I also take 250 mg of trazadone as anxiety and depression along with insomnia is like a three pronged enemy playing tag team. Trazadone, a very old medication is the only antidepressant that words for me and it is great for sleep and none of these meds give me any side affects.

I also have heard that TMS (look it up) I believe it stands for trans magnetic stimulation once only used for depression just got approved for anxiety and that is what I want to try. I hear it works wonders for depression and it is a simple procedure that is somehow is placed on the brain in the area affected which varies from person to person so the patient is awake for the procedure(I think) as only by moving the device and hearing feedback from the patient does the doctor know it is placed properly.

Also there is genetic testing which can point out which meds are going to be effective for your body and which will not.

There is hope. For years I was a shut in who could not leave the house unless sedated and now I am still not perfect but better than I’ve ever been. You may want to look up local clinical trials for your condition and see if you qualify.,

Hope this helps and good luck.