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3 hours ago · surgery or no surgery - herniated disk in Spine Health

Hello @helenr. I'd like to invite a few members who have discussed herniated discs on Connect who can maybe share their treatment experiences. @ktgirl, @babette, @salsa, and @candrgonzalez all discussed shots/injections for herniated discs with varying results. I'd also like to invite @pines who ended up having surgery for a herniated disc.

@helenr, if you are comfortable sharing, what type of surgery would you be getting?


23 hours ago · Back pain between shoulder blades in Chronic Pain

@davidadams123. Have you talked with your parents or guardian(s)? Pain that acute can often signify some sort of injury, but a medical professional would need to be seen in order to determine if that is true. With the pain going on overnight now, has it got any better? Does movement make it hurt again? It may be best to talk to someone and be seen to rule out any sort of injury.

1 day ago · Changes in skull shape in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hello @ryman. If you don't mind sharing, was the change triggered by some sort of injury? Is there pain or is it something you noticed by feeling? Have you discussed with your provider or potentially had an x-ray to confirm?


Ronnie, (@grandmar), I understand you posted this discussion a bit ago, but I was wondering how you are doing in regards to your weight gain since posting this to the group? Were you able to get back on to your program? I'd like to invite a few other members who have discussed a gastric sleeve to see if they have had any ups & downs to share as well and perhaps how they got back on the weight loss path. @ritaz1964, @lovette26, @aprilarlady, and @mdk have discussed gastric surgery and may be able to share some experiences with you.

@grandmar, you have discussed many other complications that made it difficult for you to stay on your program, are you still finding this to be the case?

Mon, Nov 4 10:28am · Knee Replacement: Insomnia post-surgery in Joint Replacements

Hello @matildaschmidt, welcome to Connect. I combined your discussion with an existing discussion titled, "Knee Replacement: Insomnia post-surgery." I did this so you could meet some of the other members discussing sleeping issues following a total knee replacement. If you are replying by email, you can see the new location of you discussion by clicking on VIEW & REPLY. You may find it worth your time to read through some of the previous posts. @matildaschmidt, what sort of things have you tried to improve your sleep? If you are comfortable sharing a bit more, what is your range-of-motion like? How is your pain and cramping during the day when you are most active?

Mon, Nov 4 10:22am · Ankylosing spondylitis, losing feeling in my legs in Spine Health

Hello @brie, you may notice I moved your new discussion and combined it with your existing discussion on ankylosing spondylitis. I would like to invite @anniebrook, @alrod, @therobbs, and @tspoon3 to this discussion as well to share their experience with ankylosing spondylitis. @brie, you mentioned your doctor suspects fibromyalgia may be the culprit, have they done any testing or investigated this any further?

Sun, Nov 3 8:03pm · Having Seizures and Need Input in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hello @1964chevyz, I'd like to add my welcome to @jakedduck1's. If you don't mind me asking, did you mean to post that picture as your profile picture? I could help get that in the right place if you'd like. If you are comfortable sharing, @jakedduck1 asked a good question to start with, do you know what type of seizures you are having?

Sun, Nov 3 7:56pm · Swelling and stiffness, 3 years after total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi @jwademan and @dmr1271, welcome to Connect.

@dmr1271, there is another discussion in Joint Replacements you may find very helpful to read through and participate in. It focuses on IT band issues after knee replacements and is titled, "IT band syndrome after knee replacement." You can find that here, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/it-band-syndrome-after-knee-replacement/.

@jwademan, if you are comfortable sharing, is your MRI soon? How long ago was your fall? Did you land on your knee?