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13 hours ago · Housing while in pain program. in Chronic Pain

Hello @2thames, welcome to Connect. Have you heard of Mayo Clinic's Concierge Services? It is a free service that can help patients find lodging, where to eat, and other things to do around Rochester, Minnesota while they are here for an appointment(s). You can find out more information following this link, https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/minnesota/becoming-a-patient/concierge-travel-services.

@2thames, are you enrolled in the pain clinic? Will you be traveling to Rochester for the pain clinic?

1 day ago · Chemo and liver enzymes in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello @lisadej1. I would like to invite @carlavan, @shenriq, @susanellis, @misty45, and @esperanzam to this discussion as they have all discussed being diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia and a few have discussed taking Hydrea as well.

@lisadej1, while we wait for others to join the conversation, would you mind sharing a bit more? If you have to take a break from the hydrea, has your provider discussed with you what your next steps would be?

1 day ago · Diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis. What can I expect? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@evaxmas, welcome to Connect. You may notice I combined your discussion with an existing one titled, "diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, what can I expect?" I did this so you could meet a few of the other members who have posted about facing the diagnosis of amyloidosis. If you are responding by email you can click on VIEW & REPLY to see where your post is and to read through some of the other posts made by members on this similar topic. @evaxmas, is there a specific part of your mother's diagnosis that you would like the other members to comment on? You may also want to read through the following discussions on both AL amyloidosis and

Multiple Myeloma:

1 day ago · Tapering off Lyrica gave me panic, nausea, extreme anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hello @djslevel, welcome to Connect. You may notice that I moved your discussion and combined it with an existing discussion titled, "Tapering off of Lyrica gave me panic, nausea, extreme anxiety." I did this so your message would be seen by all of the members already discussing tapering off of Lyrica and their experiences. If you are replying by email, click on VIEW & REPLY to be brought to the new location of your post and to read through some of the messages shared by other members.

@djslevel, members can offer their experiences with this medication and tapering off of it, but it is always safest and best practice to consult with your provider or pharmacist on how to best taper off of medication. @djslevel, have you consulted with your provider about your long-term concerns with lyrica?

6 days ago · Seeking educated opinion/advice re: post Total Hip Revision problems in Joint Replacements

Hi @suzeeq, welcome to Connect, on online community where patients and caregivers can get support from peers. As such we can share experiences, but not provide medical expertise. You have certainly provided a detailed report of the person who has had a total knee replacement. Is this a medical report? May I ask what your relationship is to the patient? Are you his spouse, caregiver and/or advocate?

6 days ago · Chronic pain in Chronic Pain

Hello @ttesch2000, it may help the other members join the conversation if you shared a bit more about your situation. If you are comfortable, are you having back surgery? What are you repairing or what procedure are you having done?

Wed, Mar 13 12:00pm · CRPS Question: Itching in Chronic Pain

Hello @rags. I would like to invite @mam14, @rsnowflake, @struggler23, @barbbie, @lizzyisme, to this conversation as they have all recently discussed having CRPS and may be able to share whether or not they have dealt with any itching as a result.

@rags, itching must certainly be a frustrating side-effect of what you are going through. While we wait for others to share their experience with treatment and side-effects, is there anything that has helped with relieving the itching?