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Dec 19, 2018 · Hyperbaric treatment for diabetic neuropathy and ulcers on feet in Diabetes/Endocrine System

ndttech @ndttech

I haven't been able to get back to you before this due the git wrapping and getting cards sent out for the holidays.

Everybody's situation is unique, not just yours.
I'm not sure I understand about signing up for 98 session of HBO therapy. It is not usually done by signing up for xx number of sessions.
A doctor has to recommend the number of session that is felt to be needed. And then the HBO doctor has to follow guidelines as to what would be best. And then the doctor will check every 20 session and reevaluate how to proceed from there for the next 20 session.

Just so that you know, the cost of each session of the HBO therapy is approximately $4500 to $5000. This does not include the cost of the doctors that are constantly checking you during the sessions. Once a week the have to check your ears to make sure no problems are developing. So you better make sure your insurance is going to cover 98 sessions, as that is about $500,000 dollars just for HBO therapy.
So don't be shocked when the bills start coming in.

By now you know how the chambers are all about but I thought you or someone else may enjoy seeing the chambers.

Hope this helps you.
I wish you the best on the therapy and that it helps you.
Don't just assume that you have something else because the therapy did not work, if that should happen.
HBO works if it used at proper timing.
As I stated with me, it was not successful the 2nd time, because the disease had progressed to far by the time I had it.

Take care for now.
Merry Christmas


Dec 13, 2018 · Hyperbaric treatment for diabetic neuropathy and ulcers on feet in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hello @ndttech and welcome to mayo clinic connect.
I have experience twice with Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy, also known as HBO, once in 1981 and 2017 due to radiation therapy.
I can explain the process as it is the same for whatever the treatment is for as far as the chamber goes.
If you want know details about your specific condition, and the results, I would suggest getting the books that are available and do your own research.
This is one book I would suggest, "The Oxygen Cure". A complete guide to Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy by William S. Maxfield, M.D.

I do know that there were a lot of patience in the clinic with diabetes problems waiting for treatments.

As far as success, each case is different and it depends on the stage of the disease.
In my case, the therapy was a success in 1981 and stop the progression the disease.
However, in 2017 the therapy was not a success due to the doctors not wanting to commit to it for 4 years.
By 2017 the disease had progressed beyond helping the area.
My problem was osteomyelitus of the mandible jawbone due to radiation effects from 1973 and 2012.
I am sure that it was of some help to prevent further destruction somewhere else and also to help me survive the major jaw reconstruction surgery that I went through in January this year. The doctors only gave me a 50/50% chance of surviving the surgery.
It was a battle but I did make it after 12 days in ICU, 2 weeks in Rehab, and another 5 days after second surgery which completed the first surgery. The surgery had to be stopped after 8 hours into the surgery.
This is more information then you wanted to know.

There are two types of chambers, single person and multi-people.
I've only experienced the single person chambers, with two chambers in the room.
You have to lay down on a bed,which is then guided into the all glass chamber on rails.
Once you are in the chamber the door is closed and sealed.
The technician can communicate with you while you are in the chamber.
The chambers today are equipped with a DVD player so you can watch movies during the treatment or sleep.
You can select from what movies they have, or you can bring your own to each session.
The technician will start the equipment and take you slowly down to an equivalent of 2 Atmosphere pressure below sea level.
You will remain at this level for 45 to 60 minutes.
The same process is used to bring you back to normal level.
The entire process takes up to 90 minutes.
This is the process for whatever disease that have.

The number of sessions is determine by the in charge of the clinic.
In my case it was 40 session.

If you have any question with the information I presented you, please let me know.
I hope this gave you some of the information you were interested in.

Take care,



Sep 10, 2018 · Sudden Hearing Loss in Hearing Loss

Hello Jim.

It's been a long time since I have been online and just saw your mail.
Its's been a really busy time since March 2017 when I went through the initial surgery in getting the cochlear implant.
March was first one, when the mastoid had to be removed to prevent complications from occurring after the implant.
The implant surgery was in September and they turned it on in November.
Those were both major surgeries and both were very successful.
After all the adjustment appointments I can hear bettern now then I have been able in 6 or 7 years.

During all this time inn 2017, it was finally determined that I had osteomyelites in the mandibles.
This is what has been causing all the pain in the left jaw bone.sice 2014.
Of course the source of this disease was all the radiation I have been through.
So the doctors decided to do major jaw reconstruction surgery and only gave me 50/50 survival.
It was completed in January this year.
They use bone, blood vessels, muscle, and skin from the lower leg ( left) to replace the section that had to come out.
I was in ICU for 12 days, then 2 weeks in hospital rehab, and then another 5 days to complete skin graft on the leg.
They ran out of time on the initial surgery, which was 8 hours.
I am still recovering from it today.

So that is why I haven't been online since last year.

Hope you're doing well.



Sep 10, 2018 · Sudden Hearing Loss in Hearing Loss

What was your decision on cochlear implant.
I didn't your post back in 2017.
But I was just answering a post to joechauhan777@joechauhan777 and your post showewd up.
Please read what I was explaining to him.


Sep 10, 2018 · Sudden Hearing Loss in Hearing Loss

Hello joechauhan777@joechauhan777

I was totally deaf in right ear since 1990 after they surgically removed the whole hearing and balance system.
The source of the problem was radiation therapy in 1973 from cancer treatments.
At that time, the rules for cochlear implant qualification were then they are today.
So I had to wear the bi-cross system until 2016.
This is a good solution to give you directional hearing,which is very important.
Let's get this straight before I go on and that there is nothing that is going to give a person there natural hearing back once it is lost.
So one has to settle for what is the best instruments to use.

But before I get to the cochlear implants, I think it is necessary to determine what caused your hearing loss in the left ear back in your youth.
Do you have any of t hat documentation, and if not can you obtain that information.
Was it a middle ear problem, were the bones damaged and etc?
If you have that information, then i suggest you go to a good ENT.
If you need a reference to one, let me know.

So the records you have now about your hearing , I assume is for your right ear, or the only ear you are able to hear out of today.

My left ear was the only ear I could hear with since 1990, even with the hearing loss I had over the years and used the bi-cross systems to hear in 1990.
I became a dancer in 1987, and with the hearing loss in 1990, I had no choice but use bi-cross system.
I was able to return to my dancing career.
Then in 2012 I had to go through radiation therapy on the left side and of course it caused more hearing loss in the left ear.
I dance up to March 2017.
My hearing was so bad and I had to had a similar surgery as I did in 1990 and I was totally deaf until the cochlear implant surgery in September 2017 and it was turned on in November 2017.
I was surprised and very fortunate that the implant gave me all natural sounds of peoples voices and music.

I'm not saying that you should get the cochlear implants.
First you must see and determine if the left ear can be used for the implant or can it be repaired with surgery.
Only the doctors can determine that.
If it can't be fixed, does it qualify for t he cochlear implant?
And does you right ear qualify you for cochlear implant now, or will it in the future?
These are the questions you need to be concerned about today when you see a good ENT.
I have seen many people in today world that have 2 cochlear implants, so obviously the rules have changed over the years.

I am very please with both the doctor and the implants.
I am looking forward to getting back to dancing soon, but in January I had to have major jaw reconstruction surgery, in which they used bone, muscles, blood vessels and skin from my leg. Once the leg heals I'm going back to dancing.

I hope this has helped you.
Also, I am on my 3rd journey with cancer cancer, the 2 I mention, 1973, 2012 and then basil cell on my nose in 2002/2003.

Take care for now.


Aug 15, 2018 · Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Hepatitis w/Autoimmune Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

Hello @rafaelquinones

Welcome to Mayo Connect.
Are you wanting to know if HBOT is a good treatment for Hepatitis, but what type of hepatitis?
Has a Doctor or someone recommended this therapy to you?
or is it something that you just happened to hear about?
I would suggest to go to library and get some books to read up on it.
One book I recommend is "The Oxygen Cure" by William Maxfield, MD.

HBOT is used for many many problems, it is usually going to be found in the "Wound Care" sections in the hospitals.
You may also want to make an appointment to see a doctor in the Wound Care Office.
Te doctors there will be able to give you the answers you are looking for.
There are so many uses for this therapy today. Hepatitis A,B or C is not listed the book I suggested, but that doesn't mean that it isn't being used.
Most medical doctors today are not familiar with the benefits of HBOT for the patient.
My opinion is that they are afraid to recommend it patients because of the costs as well as no experience or knowledge of the benefits of HBOT.
But they don't realize the benefits from having the pure oxygen pumped into your system.

I have been through HBOT twice in my life time. I am on my 3rd journey with cancer since 1973.
My first experience with HBOT was in 1981. It was used to stop the right lower jaw bone from dying off.
Pieces of the bone were breaking off and working out the side of my face.
The reason for this was due to the radiation treatments I had gone through in 1973 for the right parotid gland cancer that I had gone through.
Radiation was different back in that time period, then it is today.
The treatments were successful in stopping the destruction process of the lower right jaw bone and mandible.
In 2012 and I went through my journey with cancer with the left parotid and radiation therapy again.
I had a different problem this time with the results of radiation, or perhaps this time we detected it sooner.
In 2014, I started having pain in the lower left jaw and mandible.
The oral surgeon monitoring it didn't want to operate and postpone surgery until January of this year.
I suggested trying the HBOT back in 2016 to my radiation oncologist, and my oral surgeon had already suggested it also.
So in 2017 we were able to get the HBOT started. In today's world there is a name given to process of what was going on with the jaw.
It's now called osteomyelitis due to radiation therapy.
So after 40 session of HBOT, we found out that it was done to late. It should have been done back in 2014 or 2015.
The disease had progressed to far.
The jaw fracture while I was doing mouth exercises to stretch my mouth open due to limited mouth opening caused by radiation.
In January this year I had to have major jaw reconstruction surgery.
But the HBOT was still worth having as I was able to recover from the surgery and healing process far better the n the doctors had expected.

The above is my personal experience with HBOT and it was positive both times.

I hope I have given you some thoughts as to where to get information.



Oct 16, 2017 · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

Hello Jim @jimhd

I haven’t been able to get back in to the system since I sent the last one until tonight.
But I see you have had enough people respond to you message.

Something that I missed telling you about using the pump, which I use for my overnight feeding.
This newer pump has 2 bags attached to it.
One is for water and the other bag is for whatever formula food you are on.
I do 4 cans of food on the overnight.
Each can is 475 calories and is 8 fluid ounces, or 237 ml and is called Two Cal-HN
The water bag I usually fill up to about 700 ml of water.
The water is needed to keep you hydrated and also to help digest the formula, it’s called flushes. You set the pump up to the rate of formula you want per hour, such as 240 ml and at the end of each hour the pump will switch to give you water ever amount of water you per hour such as 120 ml per hour. Once you set it up you don’t ever have to chance. All you have to do is prime the pump ever time you use it and the rest is all automatic according to your setting. What water is left over in the morning i just continue to do flushes.
Again I like the overnight feeding as it stays with me longer and I maintain weight better.
Also it gives me more free time during the day.

Now the gravity feed that I use during the day time is strictly one bag filled with the formula.
You can set the drip rate to what you want but it manual control.
Flushes still need to be done.
But the flushes are done at the end by using a syringe and pumping at least 120 to 180 ml of water into the feeding tube.
Then throughout the day you should flushes with water to keep you hydrated.

But I have also put liquids down like home smoothie, which are not real thick, coffee, not real hot coffee, or juices.

Thought you might like to know more information it.
You don’t want to put anything down down that is really thick and plug it up.

And I disagree with you about when you may need to make the decision on needing a tube, or perhaps should I say when you will be ready for it.
But time will tell.
I went through this same things you are were you have to eat real slow chew everything, and etc.That time will begin getting longer and longer. Food gets cold or spoiled. Everyone else is done eating 30 to 45 minutes sooner then you have.
Takes 1 hour or more to eat a meal. people start complaining about it.
Your not getting enough nourishment
Start losing weight.
And the list goes on.and on.
You simply can do this at each meal 3 times a day and spending minimum of 4 to 6 hours just eating.

What has caused my swallowing issues or should I say sudden on come of the voluntary tongue and throat muscle from responding ?
You might say that swallowing have been an on going issue since after the first radiation therapy back in 1973 after my first parotid gland cancer journey on the right side. Through the years I was having to give up certain kinds of food that I just couldn’t get down.
I love pizza and back in the 90’s the meat lovers special became really popular and I just loved it.
But by late 90’s I had to give up pizza.
Then it started to be beef, like steaks and etc. in 2000’s
By then weight issues started coming in and in 2009 I agreed to the feeding tube, but I only used it part time.
Chicken wasn’t an issue until after my 2nd journey with my 2nd the left side parotid gland cancer journey, which was actually my 3rd journey cancer in 2012. I had basil cell cancer on my nose in 2002/2003, which was the 2nd journey with cancer. It took 2 surgeries before they had cleared the margins and didn’t need any treatments.
But this left side parotid gland cancer also required radiation therapy.
So the above gives you a very general ideal of what I mean over the years. It was a slow but steady decline where I had to give up certain foods.

But then at the beginning of 2014 I notice now I am getting down to just sea foods, eggs soups and etc.
Then all of a sudden in July 2014 i could get anything down not even liquids.
My voluntary throat and tongue muscles would move.
Mind you I have been having a number of EGD/Dilatation procedures done every year for a restrictor that was just below the airway.
That was the first thing everyone wanted to put the blame on.
Of course the GI denied that was the cause.
The ENT had no clue and really was concerned about finding out why.
Finally my radiation oncologist stepped up to the plate and took control of finding out what happened cause she knew the doctors were going to blame her for it.
She got me into a neurologist and he immediately had me set up with all kinds of nerve testing, which all came back negative.
He finally said it has to be from the radiation but not from 2012 but from back in 1973.
It get renewed energy from t he radiation of 2012 and was it destruction path again.
But my radiation oncologist didn’t believe that we started reaching out to like Mayo Clinic and they rejected us.
And tried another neurologist at University of Michigan hospital. He said same thing radiation from 1973.
And tried several other ideas and all failed.
o here we are over 3 years later and still have no idea why so there is no diagnosis for this at this time
Perhaps this osteomyelitis problem is the cause as it has some of the same symptoms.
Once this heals wouldn’t it be great if some of these other issues cleared up?

Well, I am or was an research engineering in my career 30 + year at Ford.
So I guess it’s my nature to want to research things and get an understanding of what the doctors are talking about when I see them.
I call it proactive. Doctors my not like it but that’s there problem/
But like you,it is also being of curious nature and also little bit of worrying goes on.for me too.
It’s not being obsessive.

Springfield, MO today is one of the biggest areas where square Dancing is still alive today.
It’s great that you are into music and piano. That’s good therapy in itself.
Just like my square dance and round dancing is to me.
It’s both mental and physical benefits.

TO bad about your sister and never getting closure on what cause her to pass on.

Well, this is a lot longer then I intended it to be

Take care.


Tim @squaredancer

Oct 14, 2017 · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

Hello @jimhd .

I see you sent me 2 post. I wish I had seen it before I sent the other one.

I am glad that the doctors have finally linked some of your issues to neuropathy system.
What are they or can they do for those problems, besides pain medication?

Well, I am glad you have learned how to get some kinds of food down.to your stomach.

I had to learn all different kinds of methods to do the same thing until 2014 when I lost all swallowing capabilities.
As I said before, I finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get enough nourishment eating orally and had my first feeding tube.
I only used it part time. I have been struggling for years losing capabilities of oral eating. I had to keep deleting items that I love.
But when you’re as active as I was all those years and needed the energy I had to do something. So I was doing both feeding tube and oral eating. That twas giving me the energy I needed.
The nutritionist has me on a very high cal formula. So what I was still lacking in calorie input by oral eating, I was getting it from tube feedings.

So perhaps I was getting use to tube feedings so when the time came and I could no longer eat orally I had no issues with it all.
Sure you have to give up all the foods you like to eat because of the taste, but that’s all in your mind.

But ,if you haven’t been told this by your speech pathologist, I am going to tell you right now.
You are playing Russian roulette every time you eat right now and taken the chance of a fatal aspiration event.
I was told this for many years by my speech pathologist, but she always said I knew how to deal with it.
But she always warn me that there will be a time when you will not be able to stop an aspiration event and it will kill you.
So when it got to the point when I could even get my milk soaked rice krispies or my soft poached eggs down I knew it was time to quit playing the Russian roulette game and go full time on the feeding tube.
People make a bigger issue out of using a feeding tube then what is necessary.

So my advice for anyone in this situation to get a feeding tube now and get use to it .
I have had one for almost 10 years now and it has become a part of me and it ‘s no big deal.
And full time on it since 2014.
Yes there can be some inconveniences at the beginning with scheduling the feedings but eventually one figures it all out.
I like doing my overnight feeding using a feeding pump, then I only have to do one during the daytime.
Using the pump allows you to adjust the flow rate to your needs, verse the gravity feeding.
When you wake up your all set to go.
Also using the pump at a slower rate verse the gravity feeding, allows you to maintain weight better.

I am still physically active and until I had these hearing issues I was square dancing and round dancing 4 or 5 nights a week.
I was traveling to different Dance conventions all over the U.S. Traveling by plane or land.
Now I am just traveling around the country to different doctors.
But when I getting my hearing back, next year I plan on going to different dance conventions again.

Well I could go on about this topic, but it ‘s time for my medications and I’m getting very tired.

Take care Jim.
Hope to hear from you soon.