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Mar 11, 2017 · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

You have a good outlook. I discovered my cardiomyopathy by happenstance as Weill. Had the pacemaker put in just over a year ago. I’m 53 now but trying to keep the same outlook

Dec 12, 2016 · Depression in Heart Disease in Heart & Blood Health

I know how your son feels. I was diagnosed with severe restrictive cardiomyopathy unexpectedly. No explanation and no family history. I was extremely active at 50 years old and suddenly warned I had to stop how I was living until they could get me a bit better. Medication worked for about six months. Earlier this year I got a pacemaker at 52. It is easy to get depressed but I began looking at life a bit different. Its been hard but I am determined to get active again and continue trying to keep my quality of life as high as I can. Keeping busy has helped a lot

Sep 12, 2016 · Seasonal weather changes and bradyarrhythmia in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Funny. I was actually going to start reading up on this. I’ve noticed this summer difficulty breathing at times. Suddenly I am getting excessive nosebleeds which the doctors don’t think is cardiac related but coming as a side effect of medications I’m taking for cardiomyopathy. During the colder season a side effect of bisoprolol that some patients have complained of (difficulty walking) seemed to occur

Aug 13, 2016 · Pacemaker recipients: Looking for support from others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Much better. It has really helped to read about how well other people are doing and how active they have become

Jun 17, 2016 · Cardiomyopathy in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Possibly. I’m listed as nonischemic cardiomyopathy

Vivian Rivera Drohan

Jun 16, 2016 · Cardiomyopathy in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

I have to say some of the posts I’ve read are very helpful. Makes me feel less confused.

I also find it hard to breathe sometimes. The worse is I’m gaining weight although I’m eating less. I think it’s just the lack of exercise but I’m starting to get alarmed because I’m sure extra weight isn’t helping.


May 27, 2016 · Cardiomyopathy in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Thanks for your comments. They are helpful. I was diagnosed with an ejection fraction of 25 originally. Got it up to 30 then it went down to 22. I am trying to figure out what normal is going to be from here on. It sounds like I will have good days and bad. My pacemaker has a defibrillator and an extra Leed.

May 27, 2016 · Cardiomyopathy in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Thanks for replying.

I am 52 and at the age of 50 went to see a cardiologist for a simple stress test. Instead a sonogram and ekg showed severe cardiomyopathy. I have no family history of heart disease at all and never suffered from anything related to the heart. I was running half marathons with no issues. I was beyond surprise when I was suddenly diagnosed but second opinion confirmed everything. For almost a year and a half we tried to improve the situation with medication quinipril
and carvidilol main medications. For about six months I was a bit better but then went downhill and it was recommended I have a pacemaker put in. I have great doctors that I trust but I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. My chest doesn’t hurt and I don’t have Afib, but I am constantly exhausted. It’s been 3 months with the pacemaker. They had to change carvidilol to bisoprolol because my short term memory was so affected by carvidilol. I’ve gone from very active to struggling with exercise.