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Fri, Jul 17 2:22pm · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had major constipation until my Neuro put me on taking my Sinemet with Apple juice. Seems it utilizes more of the med faster- and helps the constipation a lot. Ask your doctor.

Thu, Feb 20 9:43pm · Parkinson's and Handwriting in Parkinson's Disease

Tiny writing – actually printing- was a problem for a couple years before diagnosis. Now my printing is relatively good as long as I’m not overdue on my Sinemet. Unfortunately I still cannot touch type and it takes awhile to do everything one fingered as I sometimes take 3-4 tries to hit the right key on these little screens.

Sat, Jan 11 3:38pm · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

Well, #psvantx, looks like we both got some good news yesterday. I had my regular 90 day check and no changes to meds are needed. Doc says I should make 20 more years. Being 74 now, that seems a little ambitious.
As to why your last few visits seemed contradictory, the disease is so different to each of us that figuring out what any one symptom is caused by and best treated by what is a real moving target.
For example, my dizziness turns out to be simple low blood pressure and can be fixed by raising the head of my bed 2 inches and adding a pinch of salt to dinner. And exercise is god for PD and most every thing else. After all, if part of the problem is junk in the brain, you need more blood flow.
Even diagnosing it is tricky, I had really expensive Executive Physicals in Houston’s best hospitals annually for 9 years with many of the classic symptoms and no one caught it until I gave in to the symptoms and retired to a mid-sized Texas town and in my first visit to a PA was diagnosed by him just watching me sit for a few minutes.
So, hope you have a great New Year and maybe I’ll see you down the road.

Mon, Jan 6 2:16pm · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

I haven’t had a problem with the Clonazepam and dry mouth, though I was diagnosed with dry mouth yyears before. My son had a tooth implant with no insurance and it was in the area of $3 k and I thought that was outrageous.
I skipped the datscan. My neurologist said it wasn’t really needed since the symptoms were so obvious. Well, I hadn’t seen them nor had the doctors in Houston that gave me expensive “key man” executive exams every year. Follow instructions,but you’ll probably start small and work your way up to the desired dosage to be sure you don’t have any surprises. I’m 74 and only this past year quit driving at night and limit myself to close in known streets – 5 years after diagnosis.
Yeah, quality neurologists are hard to get in to see. One thing, if the meds work you’ll have answered that question.
Recumbent bike over at the Fitness center is supposed to help balance and exercise in general helps delay progression. The exercise is good for you either way, assuming the nurse says the sudden change won’t kill you! Write down all your questions, and answers, and good luck.

Fri, Jan 3 6:46pm · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

I was diagnosed in late 2014 and put on Sinemet immediately with Azilect being added some months later.
I have not had a significant problem, just a little stomach fullness and a tiny bit of unrest. I had almost no experience with or knowledge of PD which has enabled me to take it in in small bites and has held my anxiety to what half a Clonazepam twice a day controls.
I would highly recommend you try the pills. I belong to two in-person support groups and have never heard of anyone who reacted significantly to these two drugs. Sure. 1 in whatever thousand may have some sort of issue but the rest don’t. You don’t stay in your bedroom because driving to the store is hazardous do you? After 5 1/2 years most people are amazed that I have PD. Not saying you will be as fortunate as I am, at 74 it won’t kill me, but it is a quality of life thing.
Let us know how it goes-we're on your side. Get plenty of exercise, eat right and enjoy life. This is just a speed-bump.

Nov 24, 2019 · Parkinson's disease will be curable with cortisol in Parkinson's Disease

Learn something every day- thanks

Nov 24, 2019 · Parkinson's disease will be curable with cortisol in Parkinson's Disease

Sorry, I had my prostatectomy in 2000 and my Parkinson’s wasn’t diagnosed until 2014 though, in looking back, there were a number of obvious symptoms many years prior so I don’t see that can help you any.

But maybe I can learn from you. I’ve never heard of anyone on Azilect alone -no Sinemet. What were your symptoms?

Now I have a tumor on my adrenal gland messing with my cortisol and I’m producing too little. I’m wondering if/how that is related to the rest of this.


Sep 2, 2019 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

Hi Dan,
As you have no doubt heard, every PD case is different. I’m Steve , I’m 74 and 4 years after diagnosis of Agent Orange presumed PD, it is not my main concern. I’ve got other things that are harder to handle on a daily basis like some of the other people have already responded. Just keep things in perspective and deal with what you need to each day. I firmly believe I’ll see a cure or at least some sort of indefinite remission in the next few years. That makes this a temporary inconvenience. Works for me. Do your part – take your meds, exercise, and stay positive. And keep all your doctors in synch.