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Aug 14, 2016 · I have had plantar fasciitis for 7 weeks following a partial knee replacement. in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I am in a similar situation as you are, only I have foot issues now and going in for the knee replacement surgery in a few months.
I have gotten Cortisone shots for the fasciitis and that usually works, but not recently.
My podiatrist has suggested stem cell therapy which I am considering in a week or so.
The podiatrist said he has had good results with this stem cell therapy. It may help with the knee replacement as well, but I do not know for sure.
You might see if that is something you would find helpful.
I live in West Palm Beach Florida.
The podiatrist is Dr. Cutler in Royal Palm Beach Florida a suburb of the city I live in.
If you need any more information, I will try to get it to you.

Aug 14, 2016 · pain in Chronic Pain

Whenever a person has unexplained pain I think it is best to consult with their primary doctor. While others may have experienced similar pain, it
could be from a totally different cause.
Others may handle the question with answers that cause fear such as a serious disease, when it could be a pulled muscle.
Some people inspire confidence in good out comes and others not so much, so hope that helps even if I don’t have an answer.
Wish I had a dime for all the odd ball pains I have had! (Smile)
Good luck and positive vibes all works out well!

Aug 14, 2016 · pain in Chronic Pain

Hi Dawn:
I was moved by your up beat attitude in spite of all you are facing. You are giving your children a strong foundation to
survive life’s great challenges.
Good luck to you and your lovely family

Aug 14, 2016 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

Hi: Give the injections a chance, and if it is not working in a time period you and your doctor feel is reasonable, perhaps you can try a pain patch or
Opioid medication. I am on both a pain patch and opioid medication. I am getting great relief for my spinal conditions. Working for me for years and I
am pleased with the results. I require more rest/sleep due to the medication.

Aug 14, 2016 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

I Hope the injections work for you. It is due to insurance that the doctors often start with that. If you do not get relief, then consider
ovoid medication. Many are afraid they will become drug addicts, but that is not the case. Pills can be cut on the score line. Or, cut
again if the pill is large enough. I am also on a pain patch which I like because it delivers medication in a continuous stream
That could be years away. Doctors are slow to respond from my experiences and that can be many years of pain.

Aug 14, 2016 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

Hi shells24 I do not feel there is any down side to the patch. I use a special tape to hold it down on the edges as I have had it lift up.
I am also on opioid medication too because the pain is pretty intense without it as well.
I do not feel I am an addict but do require more sleep with this much medication. Each person is different and their
reaction will be different as you know. If you are on, or will be on pills one day, you can cut them so you are not getting
so much medication. You can not cut the patch. What I like about the patch is you have a steady stream of medication
as opposed to a pill that seems to end abruptly and then you need to take more to get relief. I am covered both ways.

Jul 13, 2016 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

Hi shells24:
I know that it can be disappointing to say nothing of expensive and time consuming to enter a type of cure and end up with
little to no relief
The same thing happened to me so now I am on narcotic pills and a pain patch.
These drugs are highly controlled and you must go to a pain clinic to get them after getting a series of tests to determine
what your condition is and if the drugs will help.
You may be afraid of becoming addicted, or may have a family to consider which is all something to consider
If you have any questions I can help you with regarding the pills/patch just connect with me.
All the best and feel better soon. defl

May 27, 2016 · How do I test for longterm (9 years) suspected nerve avulsion in neck? in Spine Health

Dear friend:
After reading all that has happened to you and your on going pain, I feel guilty for complaining about anything I have.
I don’t have any answers to your situation, but some times just knowing others care helps some what.
I know that words are of little consolation, but maybe if enough people hear about what happened to you due to the carelessness of
someone who was drunk, maybe the laws will strengthen and more people will be saved from the fate you have had to endure.
I am amazed at your courage and hope that you find relief soon. DeeFl