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Jun 6, 2016 · Chronic pain - Let's talk in Chronic Pain

it is another name for fibromyalgia…they are starting to use that term more now.

Jun 5, 2016 · Advocating for chronic pain sufferers in Chronic Pain

some MD’s where I am from don’t even want to give out medicinal marijuana but everyone else in the world can get higher than a kite et who cares:(

Jun 5, 2016 · Advocating for chronic pain sufferers in Chronic Pain

Like to know why under some of these comments you can reply et under others you cannot. I accidently hit report d/t I thought it would report/write on here what I had to say. Not like report on someone else et their comment:(

Jun 5, 2016 · Advocating for chronic pain sufferers in Chronic Pain

It is sad they (ppl of the medical field) need to start having seminars or even videos on these kinds of things so family members have a better understanding. As a retired nurse I have watched some family members let their dying loved ones suffer d/t they were afraid of the family member getting addicted?? F—- REALLY!!! They are dying let them die in peace for God sakes et pain free. We are more humane to animals then to humans…makes me SICK!!!

May 23, 2016 · Migraines in Chronic Pain

I have been dx with migraines since 2000. Have taken every med out there et none have worked. I experience mostly cluster which are very painful. I tried the daith piercings. They say do them on the side you have your h/a I did 1st one on opposite d/t they say do not sleep on them. Takes 6-9 months to heal. Had no prob. with 1st one slept on it et everything. So did the other side which experience them mostly on. Minute ear pierced my nostril even opened up instantly which is always plugged. Have only had very dull h/a which ex-migraine takes away if I need something!:)

May 19, 2016 · Advocating for chronic pain sufferers in Chronic Pain

Sad part is Obama, senators, MD’s etc. do not care about ppl at all. It’s like the government is trying to kill ppl off one way or another. And as for chronic pain they def. do not care because we look fine so to speak, but give a drunk/druggie whatever they need. Makes me SICK!!! The government et state laws need to revamp a bunch of crap, et do things diff. Then they wonder why suicide rates are sooo high. When your life changes et not for the good what else you supp. to do.