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May 15, 2016 · Relapsing MS since 2011. Need input....can't travel. in Autoimmune Diseases

I try to find blessings in life…I do, I use to take care of others ..anymore my motto is “I haven’t given up, my body has given out”.Since 2011 Drs said I have remitting relapsing MS. My husband helps a lot even thou he has lots of health issues himself. I’ve noticed marked weakness , so soon I’m starting a program to help..I walk very slow with a walker..I’m 52 been married nine years,worked since I was 14 and before helping where needed…My life is way too surreal now, I use to be a CNA that helped people with all kinds of disabilities….which I enjoyed making life better for them…But as I recall home health aides and private duty cna’s (which I was both) work was very hard and back then didn’t pay much, but very personally rewarding for me So thank you for reading my ‘whine-ing’ Here are a few of my medical probs, fractured shoulder, other fore arm carpal tunnel, both hands very limited use,(plus numbness over most of body, to the point where I can’t feel if I have an infection) eyesight dimming , and the icing?..I’m bipolar living with the inability to sleep…always had this issue…ok …so hello and again thank you, folks get blest in many different ways….I’m just very uninspired with this broken-down body cuz the out-look is grim …There are folks that have it worse, I am thankful for what I can do have ,but I think a lot about donating my body to science which is something that can help many people