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Tue, Aug 27 11:06pm · Cervical stenosis and leg weakness in Spine Health

Thank you for the information about MFR. Mayo is my happy place as well. It has such a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

Tue, Aug 27 4:38pm · Cervical stenosis and leg weakness in Spine Health

Thank you….I am an amateur musician but playing the cello brings me such joy!

Tue, Aug 27 2:55pm · Cervical stenosis and leg weakness in Spine Health

Just following up on the post by @jenniferhunter. I had some much weakness in my left hand (my dominant hand) that I could not pick up or grasp anything without dropping it. I play the cello and was no longer able to play. I had been seeing Dr. Ahmad Nassr at Mayo-Rochester for lumbar spine issues but he had noticed the cervical stenosis and radiculopathy on an MRI. I had cervical spine surgery at Mayo on April 19, 2019 so I am now four months post-op. The weakness in my left hand has decreased and I am back to playing the Cello. The surgery and recovery were not as painful as I feared. I live in Pennsylvania and flew home a week after my surgery. Dr. Nassr and his team were wonderful and I highly recommend him.

Mon, Aug 26 12:24pm · Cervical stenosis and leg weakness in Spine Health

I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis about three years ago. One of the most important diagnostic tools used to analyze the impact of stenosis is the EMG. It shows the effect of stenosis and/or other problems on the muscles and nerves of the legs, arm, fingers, hands, and so on. An MRI will not necessarily reveal whether or not your leg weakness is caused by your stenosis.

Tue, Apr 30 5:24pm · Had spine surgery: Struggling with post-surgery depression in Spine Health

I am 10 days post-op; I had surgery on my cervical spine on April 19 (a 2-level disk removal plus fusion). The surgery went well and I have been very lucky in terms of minimal pain. However, over the last few days, I have been really struggling with depression. I am supposed to take brief walks but find it very difficult to actually get out of bed and walk. I have been taking antidepressants and continue to do so. I am wearing a hard cervical collar 24/7 and cannot drive. My husband works long hours and so I spend most of my days alone. In addition, our house has very steep steps and I am very afraid of falling so I have been confined to the second floor. Any suggestions for coping with the post-op depression?

Fri, Apr 5 3:55pm · Grade III spondylolisthesis, bilateral, ++++pain in Spine Health


I have been reading your posts with great interest and thought it might be helpful to share my experience at Mayo in Rochester. I am having surgery on my cervical spine at Mayo two weeks from today. I will be 66 this summer, have asthma, and am a Type II diabetic. I also weigh 250 pounds. My orthopedic surgeon at Mayo thinks I will have a good outcome from surgery despite my other health issues…he just wants my blood glucose to be under a certain level.
I was a self-referral to Mayo about three years ago because of issues related to my lower spine. I will need lumbar fusion in the future but the orthopedist at Mayo found the cervical spine issues on an MRI and believes the cervical spine fusion needs to come first. Do not hesitate to contact Mayo. Please let me know if you have questions.

All the best,

Thu, Feb 14 1:54pm · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I don't see anything either. I think the issue is one of quantity…a prescription for 60 pills to be filled at the same time.