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6 hours ago · What to do when in SVT? in Heart & Blood Health

So glad to read your post. but there is one big problem, as I do not live in the united states. It is good to know though, when I should contact the Heart center /University clinic Germany/Cologne. . These institutes have international contacts all over the world.
thanks for your encouraging words!

1 day ago · What to do when in SVT? in Heart & Blood Health

hello martin, as I wrote before in some posts, I showed a unexpectent development after the implantation of the 2-chamber pacemaker. shortly after the implantation I was told, that I had A-Fib's, which is not unusual. I should not worry, as long as I do not feel the A-Fib's.In the following months the number of the A-Fib's went up (recorded by the pacemaker). I should again not worry.
but one year later my clinical condition deteriorated quite fast. echo-cardiog. showed a left and right heart failure, only digitoxin saved my life. but still I have 94% A-Fib's. my cardiologist thinks, that the A-Fib's from the atrium went over to the ventricles and causes the ventricular arrhythmia. I feel good now thanks to the digitoxin, but who can assure me, that this won't happen again? (I have still 94% A-Fib's).
I proposed the cardiologist an ablation , but this would be new. on the other hand I know that an ablation is done in patients with an implanted defibulator, where the Defi has to "chock" too often , a very unpleasant experience for the patients. Only a few hospitals are able to do this kind of ablation (in the ventricles). My cardiologist does not like the idea of an ablation in a patient with a pacemaker ,.
so I do not know what to do. It is easy to say, look for an expert, but honestly said, I won't disappointed my cardiologist.
my story shows that doctors and patients should be alert all the time don't you agree?.

Thu, Jan 2 6:33am · Depression and cancer diagnosis in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

the best thing you did,when you posted your story at mayo connect! share your thoughts with other people. writing down what you went through in the past months. it helped me a lot, for example after my serious car accident (2005), 1 month hospital with 5 operations). I wrote a kind of a diary after the intensive care and sent it to the relatives (no matter, if they appreciated it or not, I did it for ME).
I wish you all the best, yoanne

Dec 30, 2019 · Stiff Heart - diastolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

don't worry that much !!! the diastolic heart failure involves the left chamber of your heart, mostly due to a thickness of the wall after a long undiagnosed hypertension. the main factor for the prognose is the EF, that means ejection fraction of the left chamber. and of course the hypertension should be treated. If the left atrium is enlarged ( because of the diastolic failure, more blood in the atrium) the mitral valve can become insufficient. even then there is a solution ,as the cardiologist will put a mitral clip around the valve (no operation, katheter)

Dec 28, 2019 · Congestive heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

there are a lot of questions I had. Are you living far away from her ? does she have home care? Do you have contact with the hospital/ cardiology department to discuss your questions or with the family doctor at home? What does the electr.cardiography say? Your mother is definitely suffering from a right heart failure in spite of the pacemaker, she has. I am not entitled to recommend an additional medication, I can only say that a year ago I developed a left and right heart failure in spite of a pacemaker I have (female 73 years old). the cardiologist decided to add Digitoxine to the other medication. I quickly recovered. But as I said, every patient is different.

Dec 2, 2019 · No improvement with pacemaker in Heart Rhythm Conditions

your EF is very low, no wonder that you feel tired. As you have been told, the pacemaker is a recorder as well, so the cardiologist can see, what happened in the past. For example, it may show a lot of A-Fib's. 40 % of the pacemaker-recipients show them. Normally you don't feel them. Cardiologists have a lot of possibilities to adapt the pacemaker to your need. That takes time. You did not mention your additional medication.
I would recommend you to ask your cardiologist, if a medication with digitoxin (contraction of the heart muscle) could improve your EF. It is a old medication, but now there is a clinical study (Germany), whether the digitoxin can reduce the admissions of the number of patients with heart failure in the emergency of a hospital. As I already posted , the treatment with digitoxin ( I have a pacemaker also), had a positive effect on my heart function.

Sep 29, 2019 · Eliquis symptoms post mitral valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

whether you can decrease the daily dosage, depends on your weight and your age. I take 5 mg Eliquis , divided in two dosages. the reason is; I had severe bleeding ,taking Xarelto 20 mg. I have a low weight and I am "an old person". of course I discussed it with my cardiologist. until now no bleeding with Eliquis (three years).

Sep 29, 2019 · Mitral Valve Prolapse – How many second opinions should I get? in Heart & Blood Health

well, you were flabbergasted, but I was also flabbergasted, reading your medical history. I had my mitral valve repair 2016,. I asked for a second opinion in an other hospital, because of the increase of A-fib's. they did an TEE. and unexpectabel they diagnosed a severe mitral insufficieny, although I had NO symptoms . They offered me a check of my lung function every three months, I decided not to wait, maybe the damage to the structure of my heart wall due to the backward failure would disappear (they call it "remodelling".)
I decided to have this minimal invasive valve repair/reconstruction,
I am sure my decision was right. advices of the cardiologists are based on the degree of the backward failure, especially the increase of the pressure in the lung vene is very important.
I wish you all the best, yoanne