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Tue, Mar 3 12:58pm · What to ask at my audiologist appointment? in Hearing Loss

High frequency hearing loss causes not to hear some letters in high pitch like s f r and if the word contains tmore than one high pitch letter then you are lost the conversation sometimes you can predict the word from the sentence
The only hearing aids help is the one compress the high pitch to lower to hear it but still doesn’t sound as normal
For that type you have to do through training or speech therapy to learn how they sound so you can recognize the letter S F R in the spoken word like “Right” and “Side” and so on but where you can get the therapy is in question
For me I also have some low pitch hearing loss and audiologist can help with correcting on of them not both with hearing aid.

Sun, Mar 1 2:54pm · What to ask at my audiologist appointment? in Hearing Loss

Since we haven’t heard those words for long time
I believe we need training on words by specialist to learn how they sound so should come with therapy

Sun, Mar 1 9:43am · What to ask at my audiologist appointment? in Hearing Loss

Thanks so much was very helpful
My most concern is i have severe high frequency loss above 1000 and mild low frequency hearing loss which hard to find even available such hearing aids
Most of them just want to sell you anything they can
I will be happy with 50 percent improvement
Thanks to all who responded to my question
I spoke to AuD for Cochlear she said try HA first it’s not good for those who had hearing loss with loud sound It might cause me permanent hearing loss

Sat, Feb 29 10:03pm · What to ask at my audiologist appointment? in Hearing Loss

I have an appointment with Audiologist what to ask to get the best hearing aids for mild to severe High frequency hearing loss and difficulty hearing in noisy place..

Sat, Feb 29 9:26pm · Microphones for friends in noisy spaces in Hearing Loss

I think now you can use your IPHONE as MIC when you are sitting in Restaurant you put it on the table to hear them better. Anyone used the IPHONE for that reason.

Fri, Feb 28 9:03pm · How do I choose the best hearing aids? in Hearing Loss

Have a low frequency and high frequency hearing loss. See the diagram above.

Mar 25, 2019 · High frequency hearing test: What hearing aids are best? in Hearing Loss

No referring to hearing aids called ReSound LiNX 3D cost $2900.