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May 10, 2016 · Myasthenia Gravis in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi everyone, Let me begin by telling you some of my story. In 2008 I was losing my eyesight and I couldn’t make my eyelids open. I had to manually lift them to do anything. I went to a neurologist, after seeing him for a few months, he told my that he believed l had Myesthenia Gravis. So he talked with a collegue and sent me to Salt Lake City to the Univ. Medical School and have a run of tests done by their specialists. He put me on a lot of meds I knew nothing about. At first I was on very high doses of Prednisone and couldn’t stop throwing up so I stopped taking them until I spoke with him. He decided that I should start again but at a lower dose until we found the one my body could tolerate. Well seven years later I am still on Prednisone plus Mesthinon, Cellcept and IVIG once a week now. Only to find out we should have stopped the Prednisone after about 8 months. Anyone with MG who would like to relate their stories, maybe there are things I can relate, too. I would like to know what is going on and what new things are out there. I have been eating much healthier and wanting more freedom to be with my family! Mostly to have a life besides Doctors and treatments! LOL Thanks for the time it took to read this. It’s my first time