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3 days ago · - important information about statins - in Aging Well

Follow up, I took Zita for 7 days. On Day 5 my hips and lower back began to ache. Next they got stiff and didn't want to function. I stopped it. Last Cholesterol lowering medication I'm trying. I had tried Crestor before and had the same kind of outcome but in my neck and shoulders. So it's Oatmeal and Celery for me. Had a metabolic panel done yesterday. We'll see what the numbers are later.

Mon, Sep 7 3:05pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Suzanne2: Hi: gladly. It's "SHIKAI" CBD CREAM. (Not the Borage) 250 MG CBD. I get the 2oz jar . Can now get it at my local Vons in So. Cal, for $39.00. Have found it for less at Frasier Farms. I don't buy the tubes because with the jar I can get every tiny bit out. You can also buy it direct from 'Shikai products, shikaicbd.com. They are in Santa Rosa. I was going to do that but then found it at Vons.

Mon, Sep 7 2:33pm · - important information about statins - in Aging Well

I've scheduled blood work in 2 weeks, so we'll see. My Cholesterol numbers are pretty good. Triglycerides _ 72, HDL 48, LDL 72, tot. 137. But my LDL-P is 1136. I do seem to have more energy and feel better since I started the vasodilator (Isosorbide Dinitrate. I will let you know if the blood work improves. Thanks for listening.

Sun, Sep 6 3:50pm · - important information about statins - in Aging Well

Hi: I have a question, my Cardiologist had me start taking a vasodilator to relax the blood vessels and allow better flow. As well as a newer Zitia which is supposed to block the absorption cholesterol by the stomach. My numbers are good 135 but he says that I have too much small particle LDL in my blood. Wondering if anyone else has used either of these med?

Fri, Sep 4 6:21pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@lorirenee Thank you for responding. I continue to use the CBD topical creme. It works like magic on my arthritic knees, back and shoulders. Allows me to remain active most days.

Sun, Aug 30 6:26pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

My experience: Was referred to a compounding pharmacy by my Dr. I started with a small amount subliminally.
It worked like a charm. Stopped my pain in my knees and lower back. So we increased the dose. About 6 mos in I had an unexplained vomiting event. Brought on by a swallow of cold water. Lasted about 4 hours. 3 weeks later it happened again. Between meals afternoon. Nothing to come up but kept dry heaves for 4 or 5 hours. The next one about a week later started at 7am after my dose of CBD Oil, went to ER , continued until 2p. After all day and a battery of testing they could find no reason for the "nausea". Gave me some pills and released me. I stopped the CBD oil and have not had a re occurrence. I still use CBD Cream on my joints, It's very effective. Has anyone else had stomach issues with the oil?

Wed, Jul 1 6:38pm · Best pain cream in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I found some on walmart.com

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

While I’m dealing with AFib I need to join a conversation on Uncontrollable bowels every morning. It’s been going on for months. I seem to lose about 8oz a day. I thought I needed more fiber so added Psyllium Husk. Eating high fiber foods. Added magnesium but that seemed to make it worse. At least it’s still light brown in color. I’m happy about the weight loss, but I feel like it’s an unhealthy way. Can anyone guide me? Grandmajan