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Dec 9, 2017 · Brachioradial pruritus. (severe itching on forearms and neck, no rash). in Brain & Nervous System

My brother-in-law had this and the only thing that helped this was putting frozen peas on his arms. The
doctors he saw had no answer and wanted him to see a psychiatrist. All of a sudden it went away and never returned.

Oct 8, 2017 · Cerebellum Brain Atrophy in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Dear Liz,
I haven’t heard from you in a long time!!! Just a note to tell you that we are now living in Homer, Alaska. We are in our rainy season and it’s cloudy and overcast almost every day. It is depressing but we have bought a special light that Alaskans sit under to give sunlight and stop any depression which can happen. We will only get 4 hours of sunshine during the month of December. This will be our first winter here. We have sold our home in Michigan and will be living here full time. At least our daughter and family are only two hours away from us. She has 3 children and we enjoy going to their music recitals. I envy you living in S. Africa which is warm.
How are you doing? Have you progressed in the cerebral atrophy? My husband is still walking with a walker but sometimes he will get dizzy and just fall backwards. I do have trouble understanding him but he is patient and will repeat what he says. He still can bathe himself and we have a walk-in shower that we have a stool in. I also use the stool as I have a bad back that gives me pain. It’s the pits getting old!!! It is not for sissies.
I would love to write to you and send you a postcard from Alaska. I don’t know if you can post your address! But you could leave it at my email address.
Thinking of you,
Noreen ( wife of HowardJames)

Oct 5, 2017 · Balance and light headedness. in otherwise health male in Brain & Nervous System

This person needs a brain MRI to be taken to rule out things

Jul 27, 2017 · Cerebral Brain Atrophy in Brain & Nervous System

Has never had any seizures. Doctor said he probably would not. But I always hesitate to leave him alone. I always make him have his phone in his pocket. Noreen

Jul 15, 2017 · Cerebral Brain Atrophy in Brain & Nervous System

Dear Lisa, Please keep me informed as to the second MRI!!! Is the doctor who diagnosed your son at the Mayo Clinic?

Jul 13, 2017 · Cerebral Brain Atrophy in Brain & Nervous System

Dear Lisa,
I’m so sorry about your son!!! Who diagnosed him and did they do a brain MRI? My husband was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic after a referral from his local physician. He was only given 3 to 4 years to live. He was walking then, but progressed from that to a cane and now uses a wheeled cart to get around. He also has trouble talking which the Mayo doctor said he would. Doctor said he would probably die of pneumonia as he would probably aspirate to a lung when swallowing. Noreen

Jul 12, 2017 · Cerebral Brain Atrophy

Dear Colleen,
Has there been any progress in finding a reason for cerebral brain atrophy. Howard James was their in Jan. of 2015 and was seen by Dr. Matsomoto who gave him about 4 years to live. I have only connected with Liz in South Africa who has been diagnosed with this. Have there been any headway made for a reason for this or any type of a cure or an arrest of progression. He is now walking with a walker but now is beginning to fall even with walker. We are in our home in Homer, Alaska and will be here on a permanent basis.
Noreen ( wife of Howard James)

May 20, 2017 · Cerebellum Brain Atrophy in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

I haven’t heard from you in awhile. How are you doing? We are now at our home in Homer, Alaska. We did travel trough Canada and stopped in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Isn’t that where your daughter lives? Howard is now walking with a walker with wheels. He does fall quite a bit, but, has not broken any bones. Where were you diagnosed at? We won’t be returning to Michigan as we have sold our home there. This way we are closer to our daughter who can help out somewhat ( she has young children and home schools them. Just want to keep in touch with you as you are the only one I have found who has this dianosis.
Noreen (wife of Howard James)