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Mon, Jan 7 1:52pm · Horrible Hives in Skin Health

Having a diagnosis of Hashimoto's, one then must begin on a great education. This site is one of many that offer those who share what they have learned about living very successfully with the disease, some even claim that they have "cured" or greatly reduced all symptoms. Until you do learn by trial and error what works for you, It is highly encouraged that you do take the Synthroid (T4) if it works for you, or the many (T3 T4) natural combination medications, like Armour Thyroid, or NatureThroid.
One of the many things that you will learn about is "gut health". In my 30 year battle to regain health and quite a measure of normalcy with Hashimoto's, gut health is always there at the center. Adding natural gut fauna and flora to the digestive tract is one way to nurture the gut. Learn to make your own saurekraut, or kimchi, or any one of a number of other naturally fermented foods and eat at least 1/2 cup of these things daily. Kombucha Tea is another fermented drink that has now become quite available to buy at everyday big grocery stores (that have an "organic" / health food isle). One doctor told me that if you buy saurekraut, do not buy it in plastic or tin, but only in glass (apparently the plastic and tin bring bad things that outweigh the good of good bacteria). Staying away from antibiotics, alcohol, gluten, dairy, and the list goes on is another way to protect "good" gut bacteria that can be destroyed by these things / cause hives. My son gave me a gift of a "canning jar" type fermentation kit that came with a bunch of recipes. Cabbage and salt and time (as in 21 days) are the 3 main ingredients for home-made saurekraut. Functional Dr.s are the best type of Dr. to help you win the battle with Hashimoto's. They treat the person, and yes, use blood tests, etc. but they also listen when the patient says, "I feel worse" or "I feel better". I've come to know that hormones (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and more) also play a big part in healing. Vitamin D3, selenium, methylated B Vitamins, and Vitamin E are essential in returning to health. Even if you do not suffer from indigestion, consider adding digestive enzymes to a daily vitamin regime. Remember, the disease is centered in the gut. Consider what many call a "10 day jump-start" of fruits and vegetables only (both raw and cooked and fermented) to "re-set" the gut. Not advocating a vegetarian diet, but again, giving the gut a rest while it heals. As you return to eating other foods after the 10 days, you may notice (if you add back different foods gradually) what agrees with your gut, and what does not.
I personally have learned that I have two "weak" MTHFR genes, in a genetic test performed by my Functional Dr. Notice I did not say defective. In this day and age of pesticides, GMO, and other pollutants and foreign agents that enter into our food and water, I have what Dr. Ben Lynch described as "Dirty Genes" (in his book with the same title). I must take special care to eat "clean". (More of the veggies, less of the sausages, cold cuts, processed food and GMO grains). Page 119 of Dr. Ben Lynch book on dirty genes discusses hives in connection with a dirty DAO gene.
All of the above is not easy, and my busy lifestyle of a working mother, grandmother, highly active volunteer, living on the farm, does not lend itself to indulging in hours of pampering of self, nor planning macrobiotic meals. So, I may never be fully healed. I may have to settle for feeling good for a greater percentage of the time. What I do know and have experienced is that it is possible! It has been years since I experienced really bad hives (which are scary), and looking back, it was in conjunction with what was most probably some other disease associated with a tick bite. So, Hashimoto's in combination with any virus / bacteria / fungal type infection stacks up to a body that screams in a "hive" way, "do something".
Why do more women than men suffer from Hashimoto's? Why does the percentage (some estimates are that a much as 40% of women worldwide suffer from some form of autoimmune disease (fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue) of those who suffer with Hashimoto's increase every year? Why is it that main stream Dr.s do not understand Hashimoto's, nor seem to care about learning? (including endocrinologists!) The answers to these questions and similar are elusive at best, criminal at worst. That is why we must treat and educate ourselves with diet, lifestyle modification, vitamins and herbs.
Read, read, read everything you can get your hands on as to restoring gut health. Find a functional Dr. Share what works for you – please.

Sep 14, 2016 · Specific Carbohydrate Diet in Digestive Health

Thanks for the tip!

Sep 14, 2016 · Leaky Gut, Constipation and Gluten Free? in Digestive Health

We checked with some farmer friends here in Iowa, and they confirmed that in fact Roundup is “abused” in that way – sprayed to hurry the harvest. They use it on soy beans in the same way. It’s True!

Sep 8, 2016 · Leaky Gut, Constipation and Gluten Free? in Digestive Health

I should have been more careful with the “comma’s” – I meant to say “We use (Flaxseed) in everything, meatloaf, shakes (smoothies), cereal, etc.” (not meatloaf shakes! ha!)
For a gluten free diet, a Dr. once told me to remember “B.R.O.W.”. Gluten is found in Barley, Rye, Oats, and Wheat. Many of those that I dearly love. Another natural Dr. advised that healing the gut is roughly a 6 week process (more or less depending on the severity of the auto-immune disorder, and how strict one is with obeying the dietary guidelines). So, an easy dietary experiment is (for 6 weeks) no diary, no gluten, no meat, no sugar, no alcohol. Cleanse the gut with juicing, vegetables, fruits (organic as much as possible), and lots of “healthy water”. (no chlorine, no fluoride, etc.) We can still have whole grain rice, organic corn, beans, (I made a lentil stew with tomatoes, spinach, garlic, onions, rosemary and thyme that my husband DEMANDS to have again!) There is a world of fresh food that we re-discover when such restrictions are in place – and anybody can do that for 6 weeks! Supplements can come into play if we begin to become anemic, or get low on B-Vitamins. Eggs are a good source of protein, as are Avocados. (We CAN have the healthy / vegetable fats!) Inflammation goes down and we lose inches from absence of bloat, if not actual weight loss – another perk. I keep reminding myself, (as I gaze over at the fried chicken the rest of my family has….: ) it’s not a calorie plan, it’s a “heal the gut” plan. I can do 6 weeks, it’s just 6 weeks.
So far, in my second week, I have tons more energy (still taking NatureThroid) clear headed, lost inches (belt is on the 3rd notch instead of the 2nd!), and am so excited to see how good it can get. I may never (or rarely) go back to eating meat!
One other thing that I must do (in the way of supplements) is to take “Digestive Enzymes”. I am over 50 and Dieticians tell me that it is not uncommon for us to lose our natural digestive enzymes as we grow older. I used to have heartburn on a pretty regular basis. Not anymore. The cure for heartburn (indigestion!) is not ANTI-Acids, but INCREASE-Acids / Enzymes. Digestive Enzymes are also a wonderful remedy for constipation. (Along with the healthy water and the increased fiber from a diet based on vegetables – raw and cooked, and fruits, and nuts – yes, we can have all that fat in nuts too!) Buy a good brand of Digestive Enzymes, from a Health Food Store / Provider, and not the cheapest, like what might be available at Wal-Mart. Even the good ones are not that expensive, and you don’t necessarily have to take them every day.
Yes, do keep reading anything and everything you can find on HEALING THE GUT. I do believe, some day in the not too distant future, we are gong to hear that Dr.s have discovered that “Leaky Gut Syndrome” is the root cause for most, if not all, auto-immune disorders. (Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, Chronic-Fatique, and on and on and on).

Sep 2, 2016 · Hashimotos connection to Barrett's... in Autoimmune Diseases

No, you need to be flustered at the state of medical treatment today! What you ask for (one Dr. who treats the whole person) IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR! We must continue to speak to these needs and demand better (logical, sensible, etc) healthcare. How much does it cost for one person to see 20 Dr. over 5 years time – with each one requiring their own tests and yes, new prescriptions!! It is madness – and it must stop. The cost is dollars in one thing and astronomically out of control because of just what you mentioned. The cost to the individual searching for healing is deplorably intolerable. We are suffering because of this madness, and it’s unacceptable. There are Doctors who treat the whole person, and there will be more if we keep demanding them, by refusing to ride on this merry-go-round that doesn’t serve anyone (not insurance companies, not patients, not doctors, not hospitals) well. I have found a Doctor that practices Functional Medicine (treating my Hashimotos) and life is so much better. Keep speaking up. Keep searching those kind of Dr’s are out there. Keep educating yourself. Look into Leaky Gut Syndrome and Candida / Yeast infections. In the meantime, you must trust your instinct – THERE IS SOMETHING BEING MISSED. Routine tests do not reveal auto-immune disorders, and rushed Doctors do not take the time to listen. Don’t give up in your search for a Dr. who takes time to listen.

Aug 22, 2016 · Leaky Gut, Constipation and Gluten Free? in Digestive Health

The gluten-free dairy free better diet – just can’t go wrong with it. In addition I’d recommend some research on antifungal’s and probiotics. Because while the diet helps starve of the Yeast ( like candida overgrowth – a bi-product / side effect of antibiotic use and yes poor diet) and bad gut flora – anti-fungals and probiotics help restore and maintain the balance of the good flora and the fauna in the gut. Believe it or not beans are the number one best thing to encourage the growth of good gut balance. Whole flaxseed or ground flaxseed can go along way towards ending constipation. Lentils are huge, huge good nutrition, good gut balance food. One of the best anti-fungals I’ve found is Diflucan. But olive leaf extract is a lighter Antifungal and can be obtained without a prescription. Probiotics and nondairy Kiefers or another wonderful way to balance the gut and end constipation. My husband and I put flaxseed and everything absolutely everything cereal meatloaf shakes are we just eat it – put a spoon for my mouth and chew it. It balances blood sugar, takes away hunger and on and on. Last but not least let’s keep on encouraging each other to keep fighting the fine fight. It’s really not our fault – not all of it. All of these things we’re doing, I believe, is a tiny little chip in a huge block of what causes autoimmune disease. I believe we are very close to multiple revelations on how we all got here – in this frustrating world of auto immune disease.

Jun 13, 2016 · "How many people have autoimmune diseases or even know what they are? in Autoimmune Diseases

I’ve done my on unofficial, random count – it’s somewhere between 25 and 40%. In any given group (women especially) I’ve asked the question “How many here have thyroid trouble / Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / (something else that wasn’t heard of 25 years ago). It’s never lower than 1 in 4 – many times it’s at least 50%. I think men are in that same category, but they don’t go for treatment / diagnosis until it’s morphed into something much more serious. Try it yourself – and please, do share what you find. When I see someone who is obesely overweight, I likewise believe that it’s due, at least in part to thyroid / adrenal gland disorder – and not to out of control eating. There is more to the story than a whole generation, which includes children, that suddenly became 50 to 100 lbs overweight. Yes, food is in that equation, we do live in the land of plenty and a whole lot of it is FAST Food – and then there is the metabolic factor. What happened to everyone’s ability to digest and metabolize food – including fat?

Some answers are forthcoming – and beginning to see daylight. We hear the Over ANTI-BIOTIC cry (which is true). Here in the midwest, we hear of rumors that farm animal use of antibiotics should be curtailed – save it for human disease. There is the emerging science of and medical practice of healthcare workers educating the patient as to gut health. I’ve heard more and more of my friends say that their Dr. is recommending probiotics, Vit. D, and non-dairy gut repopulating drinks like Keifer, and Kombucha, and Live vinegar’s. A popular east coast newspaper (can we say the name?) featured an entire section on the emerging science of gut health. It can’t come too soon.

WHEN we find out the real cause of the above disorders, I believe we are going to look back and say, “Why did we load all of this research on the backs of the masses?” Why didn’t more healthcare professionals speak up – LOUDLY? Why wasn’t sugary drinks outlawed? (Okay – New York gave it some effort – ha!) Some schools have banned flavored milk…there are various islands of efforts being made to educate the public – and yet even when fat and dairy and sugar are reduced, no dramatic decrease in disease and obesity are realized! Why not?! (please excuse the digression).

Direct answer: No one really knows how many have auto-immune diseases – nor even how many auto-immune diseases exist. It’s a very good question. The numbers are very high and there is a very basic fundamental / common cause – of that, there is no doubt.

Jun 11, 2016 · "How many people have autoimmune diseases or even know what they are? in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes thank you for removing my telephone number I didn’t know it was there I still don’t know how to remove it. 25% of the time I feel a lack of energy, brain fog and just a general malaise. I lead a very active life as a wife and grandmother employed part-time and full-time volunteer activities. I also enjoy gardening – help with the chores on our small farm which includes beekeeping. Needless to say I really miss any little bit of energy that fades away. I know if I could lose the 50 to 75 pounds I’m overweight I would probably gain some of that energy back. Short of not eating at all I don’t know how to do it. I truly believe that the obesity epidemic in the United States is not the result of out-of-control eating. I believe it too is connected with antibiotic use probably antibiotics in our food as well. I’m working really hard at becoming vegetarian or at least lacto – ovation vegetarian – minus the Lacto – right? Honestly I’m beginning to fear food. The state of the American diet has never been at a lower ebb – even the good food makes us fat. I look forward to the day that doctors admit it wasn’t all our fault.