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Wed, Feb 19 8:52am · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

You will get better when you get thyroid replacement hormone – I know it took me 10 years to finally find an endo who would test something other than TSH, T3, and T4. You must have the test for TPO antibodies. The ending who finally and kindly listened to me had me collect urine for a week. And yes, then my “borderline” thyroid disfunction” was diagnosed as Hashimotos and I was given Levothyroxine – and probably overdosed – which is even worse! Ended up on Armour Thyroid for 30 years, (tinnitus never stopped) now am back on a much lower dose of Levo. Recently discovered that most people with Hashis also have adrenal problems (craving salt is a tell-tale). Started treating adrenals by taking Fulvic minerals. Calms jitters within the hour – like 1 oz of liquid minerals. wonderful stuff! After 30 years researching this on my own I’ve discovered the root cause is probably in the gut and with the liver. I have begun and tried all sorts of natural protocols like ginger tea and probiotics. Every little bit helps! Hope this helps you! Please write and tell us what works for you all we have is each – other the medical community is ignoring Hashimoto’s and has been and it’s becoming pandemic.

Wed, Feb 12 7:47pm · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes, Graves Disease does affect the eyes – most notably. However, the treatment for Graves is not more thyroid hormone, but other medicines of which I know a lot less about. I do know that Graves's disease is very treatable. Are you taking medicine / being treated? Oddly enough, I heard that in the bad old days, when much less was known about treatment for Graves, that "Flouride" and "Chloride" were some of the things they chose to try and stifle thyroid hormone production! There are much more effective medicines today – or so I've heard.

Wed, Feb 12 5:54pm · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

I have had Hashimoto's for more than 30 years. Diagnosed by an endocrinologist in the early 90's. Levothyroxine overdose was the cause of much more violent internal "earthquakes" (is what i called them) for me. A functional Dr. (I found after 10 years of suffering and being told it was all in my head), switched me to Armour Thyroid (desiccated pig thyroid) – and I was a right as rain. He said that some people (like 10%) have trouble with the conversion of T4 to T3 (Levothyroxine is T4). Armour is a combination of T3 and T4. Most people can convert Levo (T4) to T3 as necessary. But he explained, that with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's AND with someone with conversion problems, the thyroid is still producing thyroid hormone – only the immune system is killing it before it can get to the cellular level where we "feel" better. Sometimes, he further explained, some of the natural thyroid hormone gets through and when combined with supplemental thyroid hormone, we can go into a state of "Thyroid Storm", or overdose. One theory was perhaps the immune system gets distracted from killing thyroid hormones, as in fighting an infection, etc., and the natural hormone is not destroyed, gets through the immune attach, mixes with the added / supplemental hormone, and bang – you have these "overdose" symptoms. Other causes can be in mixing T4 with for instance calcium supplements (the Tums are mostly calcium). There is definitely a calcium connection with the thyroid, / taking thyroid supplements. There is also a salt connection, particularly if you eat the common sodium chloride salt (AKA table salt). I had the most terrible thyroid storm once (with levo) after eating a huge hot dog, that was particularly salty. Same with taking calcium supplements at the same time as levo. That was way before they began to put the sticker on prescription levo / Armour, re: "do not take with calcium supplements". There has also been study after study that warns of using Flouride Bromide, or chloride (chlorine), (AKA Halides) as they can displace / attach themselves to the iodine receptors of the thyroid and again wreak havoc on the endocrine system, and any attempts we may be making towards supplementing an autoimmune disorder such as Hashimoto's. Health industry advocates would also point to stressed adrenals, however, mainstream medicine still does not recognize adrenals as contributory, for the most part. If one was to address adrenals, then things like coffee, alcohol, and other stimulants would be avoided. My experience in dealing with Hashimotos for all these many years is to eliminate as many inflammation-causing foods as possible (alcohol being number one – darn it!). Gluten / processed and fast foods being a close second. So many inflammation avenues that one must consider when dealing with any autoimmune disorder. And with Hashimotos, you must have a thyroid replacement hormone – you won't have any semblance of a normal life without it. The unbelievably sad part is – even if you find an endocrinologist who will run the thyroid antibodies test. (TSH, T3, T4 test alone won't find Hashimotos). they don't seem to want to do it! Recently had a family member who cannot pin down the many obviously hormone-related problems she is having, finally secured an appointment with an endo, and he actually said, "So what if we do find Hashimotos?" "There is no cure for it!" "Why do you want to know?" While there probably is no cure (There are those who say it is possible to put autoimmune into remission) – there is treatment! Thyroid Replacement Hormone!
The constant internal shakiness is most probably an imbalance of T3 / T4 in someway – regardless of whether it is undermedicated, overmedicated, or not medicated at all – or of an interference with replacement hormone, like calcium, fluoride, bromide (found in flour – "Bleached wheat flour" in the US – outlawed int the UK). That has been my painfully acquired education and experience. The good news? Once you start paying attention to when / how these episodes occur, (assuming you do have supplemental thyroid hormones of some sort) – life with Hashimotos can be fairly close to normal wonderful!

Feb 20, 2019 · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

I go to a functional doctor in Tulsa Oklahoma actually Jenks which is a suburb of Tulsa. He tested and has a laboratory that works with him that has offered to do the testing for whatever the insurance pays and at the time my insurance did pay a little bit. It was a blood test and yes they did test for homocysteine levels and yes after that they told me that I needed methylated B vitamins. The folate thing was really eye-opening to me because I have been taking folic acid for years thinking I was doing a good thing and probably causing myself some trouble most notably anxiety! As soon as I got on the methylated B vitamins anxiety levels went way down like 85%. I’m scheduled to go back soon and they want to retest homocysteine levels because I was in the yellow zone not the red zone but definitely the little bit of a danger zone.

Feb 20, 2019 · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

I’ve been thinking about what you said that the symptoms went away while you were pregnant. Did you take prenatal vitamins? Also thinking about recently you said that your doctor mentioned that you were a little anemic. I recently read something about low Thiamin which is basically B1 vitamin – causing symptoms like yours. So, it’s worth an experiment (if it was me). Do you still have some of the prenatal vitamins? Wouldn’t it be something if what you have is a B vitamin deficiency? (Anemia is helped by B6 and B12) I have Hashimoto’s disease and one of the things that I do that makes me feel better is to take methylated B vitamins. One of the things in my particular case is I have a genetic predisposition not to metabolize folate properly. (2 copies of the MFTHR gene – hope I got that acronym right!). So I get all kinds of weird symptoms including panic attacks, tenseness, etc. but when I take the methylated B vitamins much of that melts away within hours! What happens is I get to feeling better and I forget to take the B vitamins and then I have to start all over again but it always works! Anyway thought to mention it I keep thinking about you and I do hope you’re finding some relief.

Feb 14, 2019 · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

My husband had a similar thing with the bladder. He had acquired a taste for chocolate milk and donuts. The constant influx of sugar cause tend to develop interstitial Cystitis. We spent $5000 in an out patient procedure that did in fact confirm the diagnosis. He was given medicine that cost over $200 a month and didn’t really stop the pain in the bladder nor did it stop the frequency urges. He decided to do an experiment and quit eating chocolate milk and donuts on a regular basis. Within one month he no longer needed medicine. Bladder healed. We found out later that he has hemachromatosis which when left untreated causes all the organs including the pancreas and the heart even the brain to become weekend by excess iron. Even if you had hemachromatosis you’re too young to be experiencing the cumulative effects – plus your are female. (Menstruation offers a bit of protection from accumulating too much iron) But sugar could be playing a role and/or your particular metabolizing of sugar.
Another thought just an idea you mentioned this has been going on for about two years so you must go back those two years with your diary and anything you can think of that you’ve done in those two years again the least little thing different if you can remember write it down – For instance have you had any immunizations during the past two years / at the beginning of the symptoms? If so write those down – what kind of shot, when you had it, when symptoms begin to occur, etc. I had to take a booster shot for Tetnus in order to qualify for a volunteer program I was going to a disaster area – I had similar symptoms similar to the heaviness in the arm that you describe where the shot was given. Throwing out these ideas to help you search your memories for any little thing that may seem insignificant.
But the tingling you describe reminded me of what my husband used to say when he was overloading his body with all that sugar and his pancreas no doubt wasn’t keeping up and he had the burning and the tingling in the feet and the toes and the bladder thing .
Pardon the long post but another thing that is highly suggested? Read all you can on the healing effects of Turmeric. Look into digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzyme‘s. You might try illuminating soy wheat and dairy from your diet and your sugar! A week to 10 days as an experiment may offer up some relief – you will notice if you feel any better. Likewise with vitamin D three most of us are deficient. These are just natural things that certainly can do no harm and they may very well make you feel better. It’s amazing how our bodies can heal when given the bright building blocks!

Feb 13, 2019 · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

In the meantime it is strongly suggested that you make a journal or diary if you will, document the times and days and what you’re doing when it occurs because many times we get to the doctors office and we forget. I would include the camping trip where you went geographically if you went swimming if you drank or swallowed any of the water accidentally even. The least little thing might give the doctor an idea of what’s going on and a direction to look – it may seem insignificant to us and it may very well be the key to unlocking the whole puzzle. If you’ve had any fevers that come and go, anynausea, brain fog – any little thing that might seem insignificant any tiredness any muscle stiffness any joint aches and pains no matter how fleeting, try to write them down and remember when it all started. I live on a farm and I’m a great outdoor enthusiast as is most of my family living in several different states. Many of us have had sudden onset symptoms such as what you described because we are outside and we are exposed to the bites of ticks into the amoeba and bacteria and viruses of unfiltered water. Generally there will be a fever associated with these diseases that one can acquire from enjoying the great outdoors. My brother-in-law who is 6 foot seven and right at 200 pounds the most physically fit man I know and strong as an ox had symptoms like yours only accompanied by a high fever. He had acquired a disease from a tick that the doctors didn’t even recognize they weren’t quite sure what it was it wasn’t Lyme disease they knew what it wasn’t! Still they were able to do an assessment and with treatment it took about a month to six weeks but he’s as right as rain once again. Hang in there! So glad to hear you’re going to make it to the doctor. Please share what you learned and especially any good news about what makes you feel better!

Feb 13, 2019 · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

This sounds more like Lyme disease. Lyme disease comes from being bitten by a tick and it progresses over the years so you may not necessarily remember being bitten. Lyme disease is difficult to treat and not all doctors really know what to do. Lyme disease however is far more treatable and can be cured. There are early symptoms like a rash that comes within the first few weeks after being bitten by the tick. And there are mid stage symptoms and then there are symptoms after the disease has progressed for years. If what you have is Lyme disease it sounds like you have more of the middle or later stages of the disease. I’m not certain where you live but depending on where you live finding a doctor that can test for Lyme disease can be more or less successful. The East Coast seems to be the best place to find doctors that can deal with the successful eradication of Lyme disease. I’m sure mayo clinic might also have some very good treatments for Lyme disease – should you discover this is in fact what you have.