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May 5, 2016 · Managing high blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

Apart from my Dr’s explanation of the basic working of the heart…he really didn’t give me an explanation (i.e. the “why” it was happening) at least an explanation that satisfied me. As a result, I have assumed that it is a normal part of my age group and something I simply have to learn to live with. Thank you for these threads I will certainly follow through with them.

May 4, 2016 · Managing high blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

Good Day! I just signed on with MCConnect…though I have been using the Mayo website for about a year now. The reason for my interest is my high blood pressure. Just over a year ago I went to a blood donor clinic…having given blood for over 30+ years and the young little nurse took my blood pressure and found it to be 206/92. By the horrified look on her face I could tell something was dreadfully wrong. She thought I was extremely scared/anxious about giving blood. I assured her I wasn’t.

What troubles me the most is that I have been very active all my life (I am 51 years old), I am an avid runner and basketball player and I consider myself to be in relatively good shape. And my job though it is can be stressful at times it is not a crazy stressful.

Anyways, to make a long story short I am one year into this, I have had an ECG, blood work and regular doctor visits, I have been on the DASH diet and have even seen a chiropractor who insists that the answer is somewhere in my spine. My MD has me on Amlodipine and Candesartan. So I am interested in any threads of discussion related to Hypertension…High Blood Pressure…its causes and factors and anything that helps. I guess if I were to boil it down to two questions they would be…how long will this high blood pressure continue to be a problem? Will I ever get off the medication? Any discussion on these matters would be helpful. Thank you.