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Mon, May 4 1:56pm · Nebulizing Equipment in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@woot I have a Pari Vios also and it takes about that time to nebulize my saline 4ml. Nan

Thu, Apr 30 9:06am · New Diagnosis of MAC/MAI & I'm scared in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@laura34, yes, Laura, I always have the burning but mine is relatively mild. I always feel it and have always thought that's just the chronic inflammation part of the chronic lung disease. I took the big also about two years and my MAC has come and gone. Not sure what it's doing right now as I will have a CT scan and sputum test in June. I mentioned it to my infectious disease doctor once and she said they have been using Azithromycin for the inflammation but I didn't ask if it was a maintenance dose or just for a few months. My other guess is steroids but maybe someone else knows on this site. Nan

Thu, Apr 16 9:13pm · 7% Saline Solution in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@lorifilipek That was a very interesting. I had never heard of proning, but trust me, I have copied parts of that article and put them in a file in case I get this virus. Nan

Fri, Apr 10 9:51pm · Just found out I have mycobacterium abscessus! in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@128128terry11t Wow. You are so lucky to have Dr. Huitt. I understand she is one of the best in the country. Nan

Fri, Apr 10 9:13pm · Tinnitis and Clarithromycin in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@lmh7 I was on the big 3 back in 2016 and got tinnitus in my left ear and sorry to say it has never left. But, I'll tell you, now after three years I don't really notice it much anymore. Nan

Wed, Apr 8 5:21pm · The vagaries of this ailment: How MAC changes without fanfare in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@sueinmn Sue, I hope your daughter will be OK. Please keep us posted. Nan

Wed, Apr 8 5:19pm · The vagaries of this ailment: How MAC changes without fanfare in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@ginak Yes! Wouldn't that be a great thing to find out about. And I agree one is a virus and one is a bacteria but they are both microbes, correct? Or no? It just seems with that lipid outer coating that the salt environment might effect it. We'll have to find scientist friends. Even if we were just the tiniest bit safe, you're right. Nan

Wed, Apr 8 9:49am · The vagaries of this ailment: How MAC changes without fanfare in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker I'm holding up. Trying to be very careful. My store is closed but we're doing curbside pickups and shipping only. We go in only one at a time and I have on my N-95 mask and rubber gloves when I'm in there. I'm only in there about two days a week but I have to try and keep it going. It's been my business for 20 years and I'll go down with it if I have to. I know that sounds cavalier but I'm being careful and at the same time trying to keep some breath into my business. But I have wondered through all of this that wouldn't it be a wonderful thought that by nebulizing with a saline solution which keeps a SUPERBUG AT BAY that the salty environment in our lungs MIGHT keep a microbe away that can be killed with just soap and water and hand washing for 20 seconds? Has anyone else thought that? I just wish it could be true. And as for my husband, he's a contractor, has closed down his business temporarily but still goes out and works solo and checks on his subs and he's trying to be good about washing hands when he comes home and all that but I worry daily that he's going to bring it home. This is a trying time. Can't wait until we're on the other side. Stay safe and healthy. Thinking about all of us on this site. Nan